Jack Van Raders Reminds Me of God

!. God and Jack both give so much love.

2. Their attitude is fabulous.

3. I love every word they write.

4. Both are ineffable and unflappable.

5. They are such fun.

6. Their thinking often comes from just a slightly different angle.

7. They are definitely original.

8. They help me to open my eyes.

9. They make my heart soar.

9. They have a way of making me want to be a better person.

10. I love the way God and Jack make me feel.


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My dear Gloria, That is exactly what you do to all of the heaven-letter readers and all the readers of this blog. I do not like the term blog, you, dear Gloria, our wordsmith, can produce a warmer word I feel Blog to be cold and impersonal and that is certainly not the case here. Love and Light to you ALL and please have some fun.

Jack van Raders

Dear jack,

You are such a good sport!
Hmm, another way to say Blog. The other typical term is Online Journal. I prefer blog to that by far.

From looking up Blog on Google, I found this:

Short for "Web log," a specialized site that allows an individual or group of individuals to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences.

I do like the word Blogger. I'm a blogger.

Without an audience, I wouldn't be writing all this -- or any of it.

I have been grateful to Heaven Admin for suggesting a blog site and for creating the site, hosting it and all that Heaven Admin does for us. I am also grateful for the audience's responses. Much fun!

Jack and Gloria - you both always lift your readers' energy! Thank you. Another word for blog...Godlog? Heavendiary?
Joy and Fun Always!

Yes Jo, You hit it. Heavendiary, where angels like you and Gloria write to us, To me blog sounds like bla bla bla.
Heavendiary sounds heavenly, why do we have to do what we are told by Microsoft and other eggheads. - USE BLOG.-
What goody will we hear next on Heavendiary???? Love to you ALL Jack

At first I had to read Heavendiary several times. It kept seeming related to incendiary. Finally I did see Heaven Diary.

In the entry today called Continued Saga of the Umbrella Clothesline, right off the bat I wrote Heaven Diary instead of blog right in the first sentence as I remember. I just couldn't leave it. Here's why, and apologies to Jack and Jo because I do think it's a great name.

I couldn't seem to leave it because it was too fine and pure and ennobling. This isn't really a Heaven Diary. It's my thoughts on any old subject, and this morning it was about a clothesline that died and now a new one that I'm griping about. I relate to all the reasons to call this a Heaven Diary, yet I had to face it -- this is a blog, mostly filled with random thoughts that just aren't worthy of the title Heaven Diary.

Blessings and love to all.

LOL. Blog is a fun word ... and weblog is not so bad considering the web Gloria has woven with her beautiful spirit and Heavenletters, but it is just not descriptive enough.

I, too, agree with Jo--Heavendiary is great! Even if the world might know it as a blog, it will now be Heavendiary in my mind. Like she said, it's the place where angels like you and Jack (AND JO) write to us.

You guys! You are just too beautiful for words.

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