Jacqueline's Recent Godwriting


Dear God, what do You have to tell me? Love, Jacqueline

God said:

Well, Jacqueline, I am with you every day and I hear you talking to Me.  I hear your prayers for your niece and for others' health issues.  Always I hear you.  You have a deep faith that has never wavered, and just continue to talk to Me.

Jacqueline, keep trying to make connections and keep an open heart.  See what friends may need help or need company.  Every small kindness creates a better world -- we all influence the world when helping others. Look forward to each day as an opportunity to add positive influences.  You will notice when to act, you will see what's needed.  Keep talking to Me.

Jacqueline: Thank You God, I will.


Gloria: How simple and profound God is! This sample of Jacqueline's Godwriting™ may be the heart of all God's messages. This may be THE message God has to give us. I think we cannot hear it enough.

Thanks a bunch, Jacqueline.


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Thanks Gloria and Jacqueline, I am not a God writer. far from it. But I do talk to God and he tels me almost the same as he aswers you Jacqueline. I also enjoyed todays heaven letter, where God named us "perfectly Imperfect" How sweet and how true. So let us all be perfectly Imperfect and still filled with Gods love. Bye for now. Love Jack.

The idea of becoming a Godwriter is strange for some of us at first but the more we do what He tells us, which is opening our hearts, OMG, (I mean literally Oh My GOD, haha), we truly become a messenger through which God speaks to us to others.

I hope everyone on the planet becomes a Godwriter. Imagine that!

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