Fairy Tales

Just about all of my life has been a solo journey.  But now I will be journeying with a fellow traveler. First, the European Godwriting Tour and then a Oneness Journey across the U.S. and down into South America, and winding up in Argentina.

I imagine that forty years ago, like many girls, I dreamed of a handsome prince carrying me off to a distant land!

And now it's happening. Forty years late, to be sure, but it is happening, and I do feel like I'm living in a fairy tale. Come November, when Heaven Admin will be picking me up, I wouldn't be astonished if he appeared on a white horse!

Okay, so I exaggerate!

This morning I was almost going to write about A Story Like the Wind by Laurens Van der Post. This is another book I have ready to take on the Oneness Journey. This sensitive book is about life in Africa, probably in the 1920's or so. There is a quote at the front of this book from a bushman who was imprisoned.  I paraphrase this quote because the book is packed away.

"More than anything," this little bushman said, "I miss story. More than food, I have to have story to live."

And that's how I feel. Story is so vital to me.

As it happens, I just finished rereading Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales! And how disappointed I was when I had turned the last page.


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How beautiful the world is that GOD made. Thank you Gloria and have a fun filled journey in your Camper. More comfortable than a white Steed. Love to ALL Jack

I too love story! I love listening to a story being told by someone who loves to tell stories. Puppet shows put me on a cloud. A good story reaches its peak only when there are good listeners. Too many "teflon minds" these days.

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