Last Night

Senator McCain's speech last night was beautiful. He talked about our not being either red states or blue states (Republican or Democrat) but about being the United States.

It has all gone beyond politics now.

Last night the word United came up quite a bit. Obama also spoke of being United.  But, you know, I felt it, and I saw it. I saw Jesse Jackson crying. I saw Oprah Winfrey crying. I was crying. I saw humanity in the audience. It was like Oneness.

I didn't see that the excitement was about winning an election. I saw that the excitement was about getting down to the heart of life on Earth.

It felt to me somehow that the world already had already changed before our eyes.

Someone on the news compared this election to landing on the moon. Something remarkable happened.

In so many Heavenletters™ God has spoken about the new world to come. He has said "there will be dancing in the streets."

Right now, arms of love seem to be reaching across the ocean. This morning I received several emails from people in other countries congratulating and blessing the United States of America, like this:


It must be that the consciousness of the world has risen. My tribute here is not to one man but to the love and beauty of mankind that seems to be stirring in hearts around the world.

Are we becoming One World? Are we becoming One World of Love?  Is the future here now?


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Yes, in my view a major change occurred last night that will affect the whole world, the final words in a forty-five-year-long chapter that began with rifle shots ringing out in Dallas, Texas.

But the story continues and, again in my view, it is good for us to take a break with dancing in the streets because I see coming chapters that are not going to be cause for celebration. I believe that this president will be protected in a way that John Kennedy was not, and that we will undergo whatever lies ahead in the best possible way available to our limited means and understanding.

I was twenty-four years old when John Kennedy was assassinated and here I find myself a geezer. No matter that I foresee even grimmer chapters to unfold in times ahead, today is the first since that day in 1963 that I have woken up with real hope in my heart.

It would be good to remember that nearly half of us in America sincerely regard this turn of events as great misfortune. It's also a good time to remember what God keeps trying to pound into our hard heads, that in the end these are all just stories.

Aaah, my eyes also went watery when I heard Mr Obama's and then Mr McCain's speeches.

I saw that the people where really celebrating celebration! They were happy. It looked like a big weight was lifted off everyone's shoulders.

Yup something remarkable has happened. It feels like a movie.

One Love

God Bless You, Gloria!!

Love and Warm Wishes that ALL our Dreams are God's Dream for All of Us!!

In Love as Big as the Universe,

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