Life Is Amazing

Dear Friends,

So many things have happened in my life that I had never even dreamed of.

Heavenletters themselves are a good example!

Then that the Greek and Romanian publishers would invite me to their countries!

That so many great translators and other volunteer angels would somehow appear!

That I would live in Iowa!

I could never have predicted any of these.

Here's another surprise:

I’m going to be having a Great Adventure. I’m going to be moving! To Argentina!

Everything will stay the same, except I will be in Argentina. Argentina, as it happens, is where daily Heavenletters have been going out from for the past year or two!

We already know that Heavenletters can be written down while I’m in Greece, Germany, Romania, Amsterdam airport, Montana, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Iowa or wherever I happen to be. Web site and email addresses will stay the same. Wherever I go, you and my computer are coming with me.

God told me that there is nothing to it, just like going from one room to another.

All along, God has told us there is no such thing as distance. When I relocate, if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know I would have moved 5270 miles (8482 km) from Fairfield, Iowa to Capilla del Monte, Argentina!

Santhan, who is dedicated to serving God and has been doing so much for Heavenletters for three years now, will be building spiritual centers, and the first will be in Argentina. The theme of the centers will be Spirit Being Human. Santhan first mentioned this to me over a year ago. And my heart leaped up, and I had no doubt I wanted to go. From the generosity of his heart, he has offered me a place in his center.

And there’s more!

Santhan, who is such a creative thinker, is thinking of coming to the U.S., buying an inexpensive motor home, running it on bio-diesel fuel, and driving me down to Argentina! Along the way, we will give Yoga and Godwriting workshops while we get to see more of two beautiful continents.

Imagine the material for the blog that this adventure will provide!

The Great Adventure will probably begin in the fall, but life is amazing, and you never know!

More to come.

God bless you always.

With love, Gloria


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Well, I'm surprised by the fact that I'm not surprised by your announcement. Somehow it all seems to be in perfect order, eventhough I feel that Argentina is a little farther away and more difficult to reach than the US. But our connection is where your computer is.

I've also been thinking a lot about living in a spiritual center. I had an experience of it when I attended a retreat in Ireland, and it was so wonderful that my heart was broken when I had to return to my 'normal' life. But every time I ask why it isn't possible to live in a community like that, with similar minded people, I get the answer that this isn't a time when we can 'retreat to meditate on the mountains'. We are supposed to bring light just where we are.
Of course, you, Gloria, can bring your light through Internet, wherever you are.
Lucky you! All the blessings for your adventure!

Yes, Paula is right, our hearts will be connected, no matter where you or we are. And Internet will be the tiny thread between us all.
In any case.... what a wonderful adventure, Gloria dear! And what a gift for the countries you'll pass through on your way to Argentina!
Life is really an ever changing scenario, if we are open and receptive to the wonders along our way. Thanks for teaching us this, thanks for bringing God's light into our life.
Blessings and love,

Dear Gloria, I am so excited for you!!! What an a dventure. You Go Girl.....Love, Diane

WOW! How exciting! The only down side (selfishly!!!) is that there won't be a Godwriting workshop I can drive to in Iowa, now. Of course the up side would be that maybe someday I could attend one in Argentina!
This sounds soooo perfect in so many ways for you and your mission. Congratulations and endless blessings!
Light and Love,

Dearest Gloria,
I am ever so happy for going to Argentina !!!!!! In fact I was surprised to learn at a certain moment that
Santhan is in Argentina, but naturally with the web it doesn't matter where you are. I will be simply wonderful
dear Angel, my love is always with you, it's beyond time and space, but your heart knows this well.
The Spirit Being Human Center is a wonderful idea, you and Santhan and all who are involved are indeed helping
mankind to awake to their own divinity. all you do you do with utmost love, you are beyond religion or race or creed or rich or poor, that makes you the noble, fine and sensible soul you are and as your intent is the purest, you attrac to you people and events which join in, this is God's helping hand and Grace.
Dearest Angel, Santhan driving you home and you giving Yoga and Godwriting workshops on the road is beyond imagination, something inside my heart tells me that this will be not only a turning point (Highway and Turbo Boost for reaching God) it will be a fantastic adventure of love which will be for ever imprinted in you heart and Santhan's. Dear Gloria, you are actually going round like Jesus, collection souls who don't know how return to their Father God.
My love will travel with you dear Gloria, a dear hug.
May God protect and guide you each moment for you are His special Angel. Love and Blessings

This is such WONDERFUL news!!!!

Dearest Gloria:

So… You are at Iowa?
And now you are moving to Argentina?

Wow! I always felt as if you, Santhan, and the whole Heaven Team were right here at my home, around my computer, each of us doing their own little bit of this humongous bunch. I have always felt that all we need to do to share, comment or ask something was to turn our head and talk to each other.

Well, Argentina is a beautiful place. I am so very happy you are moving there.

Actually, the Earth is a very beautiful place and I feel grateful for the fact that once you and Santhan decided to move here to this planet.

Thank you so very much for sharing your plans with us. The idea of driving across the continent is wondrous! Santhan is definitively a genius!

May I ask both of you for a favor? Please?

Every time you enter a new country, will you please go into inner silence for a few minutes, and call upon the Inner Presence of each citizen there to bring forward their Divine Plan? To awaken them? As you move ahead, bless each tree, each bird, each flower, each river, each person, and each atom around you. You will be leaving a wake of light behind. Grasp a bit of soil from each country, and put it in a jar. Mix them all together until you can not tell the difference, as a symbol of our oneness, and then release it into the wind at Argentina when you get there. Whisper our shared wish into the wind.

Thank you for listening to my request.

Please, let me know when the adventure starts, I will join you guys daily in meditation, gratitude and joy. And when you go through Guatemala, please, whatever you need, whatever I can do, let me know and I will be there for you.. Need a place to stay overnight? A warm shower? A tortilla with black beans? My home is yours. It may not be as comfortable as your motor home, but it is full of love and it would shine with the presence of you all.

May the true, deepest purpose of this adventure manifest in perfection for all.

With true love,


Holy Moly! Argentina! How lovely is THAT?!?! Utterly Fabulous, & I'm SO happy for You, Gloria Dear! I think I'm gonna stow-away in the motor home!!! Just fantastic!

Love to You!

I just recently was gifted with the discovery of your site. It is inspirational!
We never know what to expect and where our path will take us. I am a somewhat "reluctant traveler", but am planted, for now, on the east coast and God/dess' light shines continually upon me.
I wish you love and light on your journey and many blessings.

Dearest Gloria
You know that only God`s plan will work out for you.
How lucky you must be to know the next step of his
plan for you. What a great blessing, what a great
country that is waiting for you, what a great trip you
will make through the whole continent. You must be
thrilled and full of expectation.

I lived many years in South America, specially in
Mexico, but also in Chile and Venezuela and I know the
warm hearted people there. It is a relief to live in
these countries which are blessed by a natural sense
of religiosity and not so contaminated by the strict
economical logic that reigns the "developed"
countries. I am shure you will find new friends very
soon, apart from all the friends you still have over
the world!
When you pass through Mexico. D.F. please send a
special blessing to my daughter Claudia and her mother
With love

Ha HA! Ain't Life GRAND!!! This is more like it! Though I know Fairfield to be quite an unusual spiritually oriented community, Iowa just seems kinda poky (I say from Utah :)). I'm sure you will be full of stories for us and I am looking forward to each and every one! Bon Voyage! Trish

P.S. Come visit me in Kanab, UT the center of the grandest circle of natural wonders on the planet! Or as the city sign says, Home of the Greatest Earth on Show.

Hey, Gloria! You must have special powers because you drew my attention to the fine print of your HeavenNews. (Fine print--what's that for? Oh, my name is there, you rascal, you!)
I pause here to quote Pete Seeger: “Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.

Exciting adventures await! I LOVE Margarita's idea ... perhaps once you arrive at your new home, everyone from countries you didn't hit could send a little something to add to the mix. (I'll be happy to send one of my vases when you arrive to mix all this in.)

I can't wait to hear about yours and Santhan's travels. What wonders await!

Most dear friends,

I have to tell you that your comments are a trip! I am enjoying them so much. What writers you are! Thank you so much for your good wishes.

Everyone knows that Paula translates Heavenletters into Italian every single day.

Magda publishes Italian Heavenletters on her web site

Diane is the mother in the story of Diane and Molly and one of the very early subscribers to Heavenletters.

Jo is a great poster on this blog. Her web site is:

Berit translates Heavenletters into Italian as well, and has translated the story of Diane and Molly into German as well.

Kirt is Heaven's volunteer webmaster. He helps Heaven out a lot with computer things.

Margarita translates Heavenletters into Spanish. Margarita, do we go through Guatemala on our way to Argentina? I will insist on it! And we will do all you request.

Bruce is a long-time friend and subscriber from Maine. He crafts the most interesting wood designs. There is a blog entry about Bruce here. I would give you the exact URL to it, but if I leave this spot, I think I will lose everything. Do a search for Bruce Buchanan, and you'll find out all about and see some great photos as I remember.

Pamela, the newest subscriber to Heavenletters named Pamela is from Missouri. Is that you? Thank you for finding us. You do subscribe, don't you?

Stefan is Heaven's beloved translator from Germany. Let's see how it works out about seeing your daughter, dear one.

Trish, you do make me want to go to Utah! I love your sense of humor!

Tracey lives in Hawaii and used to be in Fairfield, Iowa, and I did have the pleasure of meeting her once.
Tracey is a writer.

And Pam is the dear lady in Michigan who would like to have a workshop there, and who brightens up this blog with great comments.

God bless you all. You are my dearest friends.

How about it, will you all come along with us?

With love and blessings,


Dearest Gloria.

Where ever you are you are. It does not matter where you write from and I know that whatever happens you will be happy, So good luck with Love Jack

Hi Gloria

Thanks for the note. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!
Have fun and enlighten everyone! Argentina is very lucky
to have you.

wishing you the best,

How wonderful !! You and Santhan in one place....a spiritual center.............this is fantastic news........ and you're going to Argentina overland giving God-writing workshops. God is so Fabulous...Oh my, I can't tell you how tremendous this is, to touch all those lucky people with the God-writing technique-!!

It's overwhelming What Grace!!!

All my love to you both, you're going to have a beautiful trip.

And Santhan will be giving Yoga workshops! He is a pretzel!

Someone else may go with us also! A great lady.

And now we're looking for a great man as well.

Everyone's comments are overwhelming. I don't know what more to say without being mushy.

You are all coming along to Argentina if hearts have anything to say about it.

With love and blessings,


Gloria, I can see an entire Gypsy caravan winding its way to Argentina before you're done! Such fun you will have. I hope someone has a videocam--this adventure will make a great set of DVDs! The kind of "reality show" I'd really like to see ... I'm so excited for you and all who share in your trip.

You are a shining example of showing it's not just about the destination--it's about the journey!

Not only are Heavenreaders' postings wonderful -- they are also brilliant, Pam!

Yes, I can picture this reality show! All the reality!

And your last sentence is so rich! Gave me a big smile.

That's great news, Gloria. Today's HeavenLetter "Like Musical Chairs" is very appropriate for you.

That's the wonderful thing about the Internet, it matters not where you are, you are always HERE.

All the very best with your new adventure.

With love,

What a great send-off everyone is giving me! Where is the champagne!!!

Really nice to hear from everyone.

George Foster, incidentally, (5 comments above) is the book designer that designed Heaven's book. He's a great designer, and fun too!

For those who might not know, Rodney above is the publisher who published the Heaven book in English. He believed in the book just from hearing me talk about it. It was Tony Ellis, a poet, editor, who made the appointment for me with Rodney -- kind of out of the blue. The three of us met at Revelations, a used bookstore and restaurant. Rodney really did tell me so from the very beginning.

Rodney's eight year old son is already an author and an entrepreneur. His name is Aman Charles, and the name of his book is DAD AND ME GO TO SCHOOL. Rodney calls his son his hero!

I would also like to comment on Adrachin's comment just above Rodney's. Yes, Adrachin, I am familiar with that song, and I'm so happy to see all the words to it. "Don't cry for me, Argentina." I have wondered how much the song (which for a while I could not get out of my head) influenced me. I know the music in Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell influenced me greatly.

Now, as I think about it, maybe they didn't really influence me as they made me remember something deep down that always was.

I have it on good authority that I will be very happy in Argentina. I didn't know how much I craved adventure. I think I will have a very happy time getting there too, especially if we can go on a road trip there!

Gloria & Santhan,
I have just finished a wonderful book "Nothing Can Go Wrong" about an around-the-world cruise, and it occurs to me that both of you would be a valuable asset on a cruise ship. There must be cruises that would love to have you on board to give workshops, Yoga sessions, etc. They are always looking for ways to keep the customers involved, and what you have to offer goes WAY beyond entertainment. A long cruise stopping at many ports in South America would be ideal; people could sign up for your workshops and you would be part of the crew, able to arrive at your destination in due time having enlightened many souls en route. Let me know if you're hired -- maybe I can join the cruise for part way!

Love, Carol Maurer (Great Falls, Montana)

Who will be doing the Godwriting workshops in the United States once you are gone? Have you "made" the teachers?

Dear Nancy,

What a good question you ask.

Alas, no. No one has asked to become a teacher, dear one.

Santhan, however, in all his wisdom, as we tour from Iowa to Mt. Shasta and down the west coast to Mexico and on to Argentina, plans to take videos of the Godwriting workshops and make them into an online workshop, making the whole process much easier for everyone to learn.

Where do you live, Nancy? Perhaps we can do a live workshop there?

Thank you for your excellent question.

Do I know which Nancy you are?

With love and blessings,


Dearest Gloria,
I am the Nancy in Illinois with the beautiful son. I was trying to make it to a workshop this May/June, but it didn't happen for me. I almost feel very sad that the chance is probably gone now.
Why isn't anyone taking your "place"?
What a treasure to be able to "teach" others to Godwrite! When you say no one has asked, do you mean this literally? How could that be possible? I would JUMP at the chance to do it, why no one else?
Dear Gloria, I really wish you well, but with a sad heart, maybe selfish, but either way, sad....that you are leaving.
Nancy Cravens

I thought it might be you! You are the Nancy with a beautiful son and you asked such great questions of God and got such great answers, and you shared them with us.
I know you very well, dear Nancy.

Santhan plans to make a workshop video that will help people learn to do their own Godwriting. Someone would have to have great drive and desire to help others learn in order for that to happen.

Most dear Nancy, how can you say you would jump at the chance to be facilitator of Godwriting workshops when you did not yet jump at the chance to take a workshop in the first place!!!

Nancy, a step at a time.

Let me know what weekend you can drive down for a workshop, and we will have it, even if it is just the two of us.

The next three weekends are taken with yard sales and more company coming -- but after that I can gladly accommodate and would love to.

Post the weekend here and on the forum, if you will, and maybe someone else will come too!

My Dearest Gloria,

I am so delighted to hear that Santhan is going to make a workshop video to help everyone all over the world to do their own Godwriting online, remember how I used to drop hints in my entries here, so long ago, it seems, and Now dear Santhan is going to make it available online - a dream come true !! Your efforts would make the most beautiful gift for those of us who will undoubtedly benefit so greatly from it !!

Thanks Santhan, God Bless you for taking the job, it would be a great blessing indeed for the world!!

Much, much love to you both.


Can this be done in one day instead of two days over the weekend?

Eager Nancy

Two days is best, Nancy.

Just got an email from a great long-time subscriber who lives in Michigan, and he wants a workshop. I would love to have both of you together. A group is fun.

Nancy, remember to think of all the reasons why to take a workshop and forget about the reasons why not to.

Love ya,


I would like to share the cost of coming.
If this person can swing down, we can share the traveling cost to Iowa.
Well, one reason I have always hesitated is my mother, she's very ill and has no one else to care for her, and she's been sliding the last two weeks or so. That's always been the reason for not coming sooner. I'm an only child and she's my only mother.
Maybe he could contact me..


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