I've noticed that lovely is a word used here a lot! And I can understand why. Just being here in South Africa is lovely. Being in this house where Uncle Arnand makes us so welcome is lovely. I want to tell you more about Arnand.

He and Heaven Admin are very much alike so when I describe Arnand, I am also describing Heaven Admin.

Just being alive is a fantastic experience for these two.

Like Heaven Admin, Arnand is a man who enjoys life, every bit of it -- the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds, the air, every morsel of food. He loves cooking and cutting up vegetables. My feeling is that he has never just done things in order to get them done, just to get through it. so he can say it's done.  His heart is in everything he does, and everything everyone is doing. He is just lovely.

Whatever work he would do, he would enjoy it. Do you know what I mean? He happens to be an executive, owner of a thriving business, a business where employees are happy, happy to work, and happy to prosper under solid and loving management. Of course, there are the challenges, but nothing stops Arnand from joy.

If I had to choose one quality to attribute to Arnand,  I would select generosity. And what is generosity but love? I think God has said that.  Filled with love, Arnand keeps himself happy and, therefore, spreads happiness generously.

Every minute of his life is adventure. Lots of laughter here.

The other night there were four of us, Arnand, Santhan, Zuzana, and myself. Zuzana is a young journalist from Slovakia who will have left South Africa before this blog comes out. I will tell more about Zuzana later.

You already know how I feel about Heaven Admin (Santhan) and Arnand, and now add Zusana to the list. In fact, add the whole household staff to the list. Add Anna and Agnes who keep everything smooth-running in this house and do it with love, including washing and ironing my clothes, magically get spots out.This is a big house, and every tile floor is washed every day. All accompanied by sweet voices and laughter. Beautiful! (Also know that Arnand welcomes his staff's family and helps them in every way. Anna's adorable nine-month old grandson is a wonderful addition to this wonderful home. There is love wherever you turn!)

Getting back to the four of us, Arnand, Santhan, Zuzana and myself, we spent hours together preparing food, everyone chipping in. No labor here, just joy of preparing. Arnand made curried chicken wings with onions, potatoes, wonderful spices. Incidentally, the cinnamon and cardamon we get in U.S. are really for baking. There are spices here by the same names that are of a savory type. The savory type of cinnamon stick is not curled up  but  large flattened cinnamon slices, and cardamom comes in big pods that are made for cooking and not baking.

Zuzana, like Santhan, is a pure vegetarian, and she made baked stuffed tomatoes, stuffed with zucchini, onions, mozarella cheese,the scooped out tomatoes,  and I forget what else,  accompanied by potatoes. I had made a salad and I sliced potatoes for Zuzana and diced tomatoes for Arnand. I am a pushover for Arnand, and when he wants me to taste something, I cannot resist. He reminds me of my father who would always give me tidbits to taste. I cannot refuse any dish that Arnand makes

What was Santhan doing? He cooked rice which Arnand molded in little cups after it was cooked and made it lovely on each plate. Santhan was also giving me healthy concoctions for a cough. Everyone was well-cared for, although it seems to me that I have more than my share of receiving. Oh, what lovely people.

Everyone was energized. No one was tired, well, not until later when I got sleepy and went to bed.

Tomorrow morning we are all meeting at 5 a.m. to go on that good walk to the shore. It's about an hour's walk both ways.

I'll take my camera and get some photos.

Meanwhile, someone had better pinch me so I can know that all this is actually happening and that I'm so very very happy.


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What a lovely post!

Hi Gloria, If you are happy we are happy so you see you are spreading happiness keep going all enjoy Love Jack

dear ms. letters.....the question we little people have in the us of a is: have you forgotten the little people of the us of that you're with all the big, lovely people in s. africa? just checkin' love...a....

Gloria, while you have been describing your stay with Uncle Arnand and the extended family, it occurs to me that possibly your own family could have been similar if they had not grown up in grinding poverty.

That is, of course, silly to speculate on since it didn't happen, and if it had, you wouldn't be the same person you are today. Still and all . . . .

Perhaps it is something like you get to be Gloria with all the bumps and benefits that this seems to involve, but you also get to experience what life might have been like under different circumstances.

And who knows, when you do finally get to spend time with your family you might find that they have made up for lost time and are happy to share in a bigger family with Uncle Arnand and all the rest of us.

Well, I just love your comments! I love that you comment!

First, let me address Allan who is not, as he seems to indicate, a little person in the U.S. He is my friend which makes him very BIG. And, in the world, Allan is also big.

Allan is the host of the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Interview Show, and he's had me, as a representative of Heavenletters™, on his show twice and wants me a third time! Over the many many years, this good friend has been calling me from Santa Barbara at least once a week, often every day. His is a generous heart, and he is totally dedicated to the Oneness. And Allan is FUN. Whenever he calls me and I've been a little down, let's say, he has a way of making me laugh and smile and find myself feeling wonderful again. I don't know how he does that.

I'll come back here and add a link to a blog about Allan and also links to his Heavenletter interviews.

Now, Allan, dear, here's how I see it! Since I left the U.S.A or "us" as you say! have I heard from you even once since I left until you deigned to post here? No, not once. I was convinced that, from your point of view, out of sight was out of mind. Now I see that you may be ready for some tlc (tender, loving care)

I suggest that you hop on the next plane to South Africa!

Loving you, Gloria

Beloved Charles, you make me think of so many things to say that, rather than posting a long long response here, I will save you for a whole blog, okay?

I have a blog written for tomorrow, and it's one of my favorites.

But right away I shall start writing the thoughts that your post stirred. You do know that I write as I go along, I think as I go along, I do not exactly know ahead of time what I'm going to say. This is also one of those times when I would like to write all my thoughts all at once, not linear, not one after the other, but simultaneously.

Thanks for your post, pal.

Oops, Jack, I missed your comment for a moment! Of course, I'm so accustomed to your cheering me on. You always uplift and in such a real way. I love it!

Gloria, just so you know, I posted before I read Allan's comment. Granted that if I read it first, my post might have been different.

So if there is any connection, I have to put it off onto God. When I looked at my post and saw Allan's comment, I said, "Hmmmm."

But to tie this up, I certainly consider myself to be one of the little people who reside in the USA, and with all due respect, I don't hand that description entirely over to our dwarf and midget brothers and sisters tho I'm proud to stand with them. And I'm glad you're having a good time. Hi to Santhan.

I don't understand, beloved Charles. Yours was a wonderful comment.

Allan and I always joked about the "little" people. We're the little people.

Loving you,

Uncle Arnoud sounds like the original from which Santhan has modeled his behavior, or one of Santhan's role models anyway.

Uncle sounds like the most loving, generous soul and happy. That's the main thing - a very happy soul.

Glad you are eating all the delicious foods and walking 2 miles!!

Well, Jacqueline, have to confess I walked two miles only one day! Once we get to stay at the Ocean, I am sure I will walk on the beach every day and wade at least in the water as well.

Ah, I took Allan to be a sniper and not your friend with tongue in cheek, but in any case I was not responding to him. I usually stick up for the little guy as the world turns, but sometimes big people get it right and that's always an encouragement.

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