Microsoft Has a Lot to Learn

I am properly grateful to my computer. In fact, it could be said that I worship Microsoft, the internet, email, the web.

I ought to be grateful. I can remember when an electric typewriter was a big deal. I remember when you had to use carbon paper and that little round red eraser with a brush at the end of it to wipe away the eraser crumbs. I remember when Wite-out was a new discovery. I remember one time when I had already taken the page out of my typewriter and discovered that I had mistakenly typed John himself instead of Johnson himself in the first sentence, I had no choice but to type the letter all over again.

Despite my adoration, there are times I want to shoot Microsoft. Or at least reach someone to talk to.

For instance, Microsoft’s helpfulness. Microsoft has decided that I am a moron and that it must help me.

So it pops up a message and interrupts my important train of thought -- their message being earthshaking, of course, like You still have unopened mail. Microsoft can’t seem to understand that I don’t want to open that particular piece of mail right now and that, besides, the unopened message stays bolded because I haven’t opened it, and even an idiot couldn’t miss it.

Of course, when I need help, Microsoft isn’t there. For instance, when I’m trying to do something that I’ve never done before and I go to Help, Microsoft, instead of using English, has a language of its own, like a fraternity. Unless you already happen to know the name they give a task, they make sure you won’t find it.

And then, if by total chance, you do find the instructions, Microsoft assumes you would understand their completely incomprehensible directions. Or, it tells you what to do but says you have to do something else first as if, of course, you already know how to do that. Is it just me?

And then, after their debacle with instructions, Microsoft has the nerve to ask: Did you find this instruction helpful? First of all, they ask you before you have had a chance to see if you can do it. Who is a moron? I always answer NO on principle.

And then when Microsoft decides to crash Word, they ask me, in the midst of my panic, Do you want to report this? I most certainly do not! I do not because I know no one reads the messages I might send, and I would rather not. Or, if by some bizarre chance, they would read my messages, I am sure they would not read them respectfully. I am no fool. I can picture them, holding up my messages high, pointing to them, passing them around to their whole crew, maybe even tacking them up on their bulletin board with a big red arrow while they all have a hearty guffaw.

Fortunately now, due to Heavenletters, I am able to bypass Microsoft and all their shenanigans.

How? By the goodheartedness of people who don’t mind spending hours trying to show me how to do something. People like Kirt, Heaven’s webmaster, who graciously thanks me for teaching him infinite patience; Adrachin, the Heavenletters Community Forum administrator, who was already a saint before he got to train me on Phpbb, and Santhan, Heaven’s Marketing and Creative Director, who spent only three hours on the phone with me when he taught me the OEM newsletter software program, Drupal. Throughout the three hours, he kept saying how good I was. “Excellent!


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Dear Senora,

You are a rare catch. A userability experts dream subject. We have a base rule at our office...If Gloria can understand how to manage it, then its ready for public release. For us this is a blessing. In your blog administration we made such a few simple tweaks based on one rule..."make it easy for her". You didn't even notice the changes, but this was the beauty of it. After the subtle changes, we did not have to teach you anything. It's almost like you intuitively figured out how to blog like an expert. I'm in awe.

To correct a few things in the post above...The blog uses Wordpress, designed by a community of open source programmers to whom we are very grateful. Textpattern is the other open source platform we are playing with. The newsletter is run on OEM. Drupal is the (most beautiful) community platform that is being transfered to. It will be like taking Kirt out of a London double decker bus and putting him in the captains seat of the Starship Enterprise.

To Microsoft, I am also very grateful. But we are evolving and Microsoft somehow does not seem to be keeping up. So we turn to open source. Open source embraces sharing and freedom to communicate. The beauty of Open Source is that it can be customised for the individual. Like this blog. The admin was made to be Gloria friendly.

Let the adventure continue...

One Love

Dear One, I'm someone's dream subject - REALLY?!!!

Oh, dear, sorry I mixed up some things in this blog.

I must say that your company, Mojah Media, has been very Gloria-friendly, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The adventure continues.

Blessings and love,


All those Computer experts I am baffled with the words used like "wordpress" and hilighted as well in a dfferend colour. But then my server Bipond being a part of telstra cannot bill me on the same bill as my phone also with telstra I try to be patient and that is for me the hardest LOve Jack

Dear Jack van Raders,

You know everything there is to know because you are such an exponent of love.

I do know about words like Wordpress that are highlighted and in a different color. They are links. You can click on them and go to the web site!

Blessings and love,


Dears I am a computer dummy and use it mainly for e-mail and that is hard enough. the beautifull Heavens letters are to me more important than all the technical stuff that the computer wizzes concoct. I an happy with what I have and when I need something GOD always provide so why worry about Microsoft. or any other wizz. be thankful for what we now can do instead of the old typewriter I have now progressed from a 1 finger to a 2 finger typer.I might even at my age progress and learn to spell better Love to all and keep shining your light Jack

Dearest Gloria,
I must say that this computer has taught me the beauty of patience! I will correct this AOL in my perception and maybe throw it away but for now it is a growing lesson and I chuckle at the thoughts that arise!

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