Miracles Abound

My daughter was a health food baby. That is, I brought her up on health foods. All fresh. Nothing packaged or processed. She could have been a poster child for whole foods.

When Lauren had choice, however, she chose another way. She wanted to be a regular girl who ate regular foods. When she could, it was ice cream and cake and white Wonder bread.

Once on her own, her cupboard had plenty of regular packaged non-real food super market fare.

Nevertheless, every now and then she would surprise me by saying something like, "You don't want to buy that. It's processed," or, "This is healthier."

Now to my surprise, she just bought a vegetable juicer, and is juicing carrots, apples, beets, celery, collard greens, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, bringing great fresh juices over for me and going on a juice fast herself! Her two sensations were Granny Smith apple juice with ginger root and tomato with fresh Jalepeno and onion. These were so extra good, I could really live on them -- for a day anyway.

She's bringing me the pulp as well, and I was going to make a wonderful soup, only the soup wasn't so great, and there is so much pulp, it could fill up my house in two days. It will have to mostly go for compost.

I think Lauren's juicing and her return to her original upbringing count as a miracle, don't you? Miracles abound!

Have you had any miracles lately?


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Maybe put some of that pulp outside on the ground in case any critters or birdies want it. If I did that here I would have to put out an ice pick beside it. I had to shovel my way out to the bird feeding area this morning and two hours later had to shovel it again. Not a fun time for our little friends.

Thank you so much for this reminder, dear Charles.

To rest assure your beautiful heart, that's what my compost is -- peelings and pulp and such spread around on the ground! I don't have a compost heap as such. There is an acre and a half or more here, so there are plenty of places to spread good stuff around. It feels so good to do so. Of course, right now my daughter takes the compost out!

Gloria dear,

I have a juicer and will return to all the juices asap. I had a breake now with the incident, since it's bit of work to clean afterwards.
I like all kind of juices and it really is so healthy ! I came to juices while reading about natural healing.

Would love to have a good veggy toast with you dear !

... what is "wonder bread" ??

Much love

I just lent my juicer to a friend with health problems--and only because I have some carrot/apple juice in the freezer. It IS a chore lugging it out and cleaning it after, so I make a day of it and do 25-60 pounds of carrots at a time. Some pulp I save to put into soups or marinaras. Never tried to START a soup from there. (I freeze juice in pint canning jars--perfect portions!)Think I'll go grab a jar now!

I have a juicer in the cubboard and granny smith apples and carrots in Fridge. I think about the cleaning Process and the word "procrastinate" come into my mind and I think that word is so beautiful. And I wonder If I can do what that word means. So next week when I feel like cleaning the fridge I hhave plenty of room as the Grannies and carrots are to old and decrepit like me, I will not put myself on the scrapheap yet so my rotten Fruit goes. What happened to my good intensions Yes That beautiful word "Procrastinate" well I might start cleaning the fridge now Oh! I almost forget Love you ALL heaps Jack

Oh Jack...That's a very funny post!! Have you been in cahoots with George?

How is it that modern conveniences tend to take up more time! I live in a house with a juicer. I look at the house, grateful and all, and then wonder if I would have more time in a camper van because there would be a whole lot less to maintain.

Everyday I keep getting confirmation that intentional small community living is the way. Imagine, on Mondays Gloria and Jack could do the juice, Tuesdays Lauren and Berit, Wensdays Pam and Jochen, Charles and Jo on another day. In many ways it makes sense to live in communities. Shared resources and responsibilities and yet plenty of space so that individuals can have alone time whenever they want.

Ah I think of the shire. Round doors for everyOne!

Sorry I am unable to attend. We are going and have a look at new Zealand the south Island we never visited so we Hired a camper and from Mid February we will be away till end March I will let you know when I will be able to do your Juising Love to all Jack

Jack, we may have to wait until you're back then! Don't forget. You and I will juice on Mondays. In fact, you don't even have to juice. Just sit there and make me smile.

Berit, you asked about Wonder Bread. It is brand name for a tasteless packaged bread that has been compared to foam rubber. I haven't tasted it in forty years! Maybe it's more nutritious now, but I don't think so.

Beloved One, I just realized that you haven't put yourself down for juicing! We will just be so happy that you drink it. :)

ONE will be busy making Yerba Matte Tea for all of the juicers!

I'm signing on. I've gotten very good at cleaning carrots!


Pam, I think we need three shifts a day. Let's have fresh vegetable and/or fruit juice in the morning, noon, and supper. What do you think?

Dear Gloria, thanks for explaining the wonder bread !! Of course tasteless packaged bread is always available also in Italy !

Beloved One, I LOVE the idea of small communities, I think it is our future !

Sweet Jack, how lucky you are, what a wonderful trip !!!
We will all be thinking of you and I'd really love to see some photos if you'd like to share.

I think we'll be the healthiest people on the planet!

Dear Pam, If you think we will be the healthiest people on the planet, We WILL BE. regardless of the juicing. So yes Let us ALL think health and we will be. Love you all Jack
p.s. I will send some photo's if they are allowed on this blog and do not take to much space L.L.L. Jack

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