MIracles Are Right Brain Experiences

What we call miracles are unexpected experiences. We don't predict them beforehand. They create wonder in us. We are in awe of them.

When we expect a miracle, we are not so impressed with it, for it doesn't take us by surprise.

Every sunrise and sunset and the night sky are miraculous, but we are so used to them that we don't give these miracles much thought.

Of course, we are one of those miracles!

You've heard of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor,  a researcher, who wrote My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey.

Because of a stroke, she lost the categorizing, organizing, describing, judging and critically analyzing skills of her left brain, along with its language centers and ego center.  Without her left brain’s neural circuitry, her consciousness shifted into present moment thinking. The functions of her right hemisphere blossomed!  She became an artist, and she experienced herself “at one with the universe.”

Through her experience and her medical background, Jill tells how we can ‘tend the garden of our minds’ and maximize our quality of life.  She says that we can consciously influence the neural circuitry underlying what we think, how we feel, and how we react to life’s circumstances.  She tells us that we can exercise our own right hemispheric circuitry and make a difference to the world.  “... the more time we spend running our deep inner peace circuitry,  the more peace we will project into the world, and ultimately the more peace we will have on the planet.”

I can't help wondering, simply by our innocent reading of Heavenletters, are we developing our own deep inner peace brain circuitry? On the whole, through Heavenletters, we feel better. Is this then how we serve God and the universe whether we are aware of it or not?


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Dearest Gloria. I do get a high when reading heaven letters. I get a love feeling for all. I think it is better then dope although I never tried it not at sea or ashore. The only drug I used was tobacco gave up 2-3 years ago and alcohol and I still love my dram of scotsh or irish wiskey maybe 2 -3 times a week just depends how busy we have been.I do not know if that goes to my left or right brain but sitting quietly with Mieke and both having a shot is wonderful. During the day I think a lot about what was said in the days heaven letter and feel good and peaseful. Left or right I feel fine and loving you All Jack

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I heard her on NPR sometime ago explaining how she had lost all sense of her body--she felt liquid and melded with every other thing. Her entire interview was remarkable, her left-brain analysis of her stroke as it was happening and her journey back to health. Of course I was driving at the time and had forgotten the name of the book ...

I agree with Jack, as well, and know that it affects us in sometimes extreme, sometimes subtle ways. SO OFTEN, I can say, "That was addressed in a recent Heavenletters."

I forward Heavenletters to several good friends. Just this last week, a friend going through a very rough patch credited the Heavenletter with sparking a very clear insight in how to handle this particular problem.

So, definitely, new connections are made, synapses fire more rapidly, the gap between left and right brain is closed ... something definitely happens and it's GOOD.

Beloved Jack, I see! :) HAHAHA. Heavenletters every day win over shots of rye or whiskey two or three times a week!

Seriously, you make me think that what makes alcohol and drugs so desirable is that they get us out of our left brain. I have heard that alcohol and drugs break down our inhibitions. I wonder then, is inhibition all that could keep us from Godwriting?

Beloved Pam, I thought it was very interesting that you say "the gap between left and right brain is closed." The gap gets closed! That's a big insight for me.

Is it perhaps time for your friends to get themselves on the Heavenletter mailing list?!!!

Wonderful as this story of Jill is, dear Gloria, I'm not comfortable with the interpretation. My own feeling, deeply influenced or even generated by Heavenletters™, is that the brain doesn't produce anything but echoes. Thoughts, ideas etc. originate somewhere else and the brain just somehow mirrors them, creating the impression it fashioned them. What if even any kind of brain damage is not really the cause of anything but itself a result of something that went before, a longing, an intention? Perhaps a longing that did not know how to fulfill itself in a smooth, incremental, nonviolent way. Well, I don't really want to speculate. I just want to say I dont believe that "neural circuitry" is really "underlying what we think". And what is the way to "consciously influence" this? I think the answer you give in the last paragraph of what you wrote is perfect. When we are lucky enough to be receptive to God's words in Heavenletters, that is when new intentions are born, new leanings are born – and the brain waves just follow.

I have tried to find a few pertinent quotations. I do not mean to prove or disprove anything with them. I only want to underline God's point that there is much more to many of the things we believe we have down pat.

What If Your Heart Didn't Look for Results?
Heavenletter #2559 Published on: November 27, 2007

You brain, like a computer, assembles information and makes something of it. Information is always from the past. Even if you just receive the information, your mind is already assembling it, cranking it out like a slot machine, trying to make three apples come up together.
The Tiger and the Lamb
Heavenletter #3013 Published on: February 23, 2009

My children may be more right brain or more left brain. The twain do not always meet. Lefty sees one way and Righty sees another. Who is right and who is wrong? From one point of view, both are right and neither is right, and both are wrong. And yet two people may see differently, and both may be right, and yet neither tells the whole story. There is more to be said.
God Wants Us to Make His Thoughts Our Own
Heavenletter #3079 Published on: April 30, 2009

As you verbalize and visualize the life-supporting intentions of your heart, your brain waves get set up in such a way that your intentions become real to you. It is true that what you think of, you will have more of.
Share the Light of God
Heavenletter #549 Published on: April 22, 2002

What is love but intelligence? What is love but a coherence of heart and brain waves? And what are brain waves but light. And what is coherent light but love, and My love at that.
The Heart of Life
Heavenletter #827 Published on: January 23, 2003

I operate on many levels, and so do you. The circumference of you is far greater than the girth of your waist. It is far greater than the waves of your brain. The waves of your heart are another matter. They encompass everything. That is how you are immeasurable.

I am somewhat familiar with Dr. Taylor's story. She was a neuroscientist before her stroke. I have to agree with Jochen, when I first read of her reports of her experience and quite remarkable (miraculous?) recovery after her devastating brain injury, I was uncomfortable with some of the interpretations she ascribed to what happened. As a neuroscientist, she sees consciousness as an epihenomenon of the circuitry of our brain and our brain's neuronal function. She frames the entire experience from this set of assumptions and its implications. This is quite a limited point of view despite Jill's quite remarkable story and very valuable insights.

I would suggest, here, an idea that may be helpful in getting beyond the neuronal circuitry concepts. What if our physical brain is actually an interface device? It can be viewed as interfacing the non-physical Reality with the physical world and our physical bodies. Our non-physical mind can be viewed as usually experiencing the physical world through our physical senses and the firing of our brain's neurons (although this is not the only way we can experience the world). On the other hand, the non-physical activity of our mind usually becomes physical by stimulating certain brain areas which eventually result in our physical actions (although, again, there are other potential pathways that most neuroscientists don't acknowledge at present).

With this view of things, we would still predict that damage to the brain would significantly impair our physical perceptions and funtioning. This view, though, would predict that physical damage to part of the brain would in no way impair the non-physical mind and all of our mental abilities would be potentially accessible to what is left of the physical brain. In support of this view, in certain circumstances highly remarkable abilities can be seen when very little viable brain tissue survives. One example is the occasional person who has hydrocephalus that is so severe that it compresses their brain to a few millimeters of tissue up against their skull, yet who still can have a high level of intelligence and intact mental function.

Si, Senor Jochen, you are right.

All the explanation given is a left-brain activity as a matter of fact!

I love the quotations you find. Just marvelous.

"The waves of your heart are another matter. They encompass everything. That is how you are immeasurable."

My understanding is that the right brain means the heart! More to say about this in another blog entry down the road!

We can't locate consciousness, probably it doesn't reside in the brain which, as all matter, is a product of consciousness. You know about "near death experiences", no brain waves, but consciousness is present. What we call the heart could be the Conscious Observer and the brain, left and right, is his device.

Thank God (and our beloved Gloria) for Heavenletters, helping us see the bigger picture.

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