Montana Workshop Evaluations

Thank you for your evaluations:

I learned how present God is and how easy it is to hear God’s Voice.

It was a new experience for me. The sharing with others and the similarities of our Godwriting were wonderful.

I’m so glad you are bringing this idea and skill to so many others.

… a space to experience Godwriting without restraint or constraint – but just to help us release it in ourselves. The workshop really helped me get back in touch with God within myself.

That we all are One. God led through you and us all.

The greatest assets of the class were: the music and drums, the explanation of the right/left brain, realizing that everyone’s messages were for all of us. I realize that I need to consciously make God more a part of my everyday life. This class also reminded me that God is already here with me.

Because I am very organized (OVERLY ORGANIZED) the easy halting manner bothered me at first. As I went along, I enjoyed the pace. I enjoyed mostly being with everyone on a path of growth and spirituality.

Thank you for a glorious time with God. You imparted the essence of Godwriting and kept things on track. This workshop inspired me to write on a regular daily basis and has solidified my trust that the answers I get are truly from God.

The workshop was simple.

You have given me more belief and new dedication.

I would have liked a longer workshop and to have more practice.

One of the most profound messages I heard is that there is more below the surface than we know. Listen, and it is revealed.

…The first thing I think about is your telling your story about God-writing and Heaven letters. It is a beautiful story of opening to God in the unknowing. It is also interesting that you did not have a particularly spiritual upbringing. How fascinating to have found a Jesus picture as a child and again as an adult and that being so profound for you. I can't even imagine watching the same movie so many times, but as you say it was more than a movie.

You constantly point people back to the Source. It is always out front that this is about God and not you. At the same time you give this wonderful testimony about how this is for everyone and it's not hard and it's full of loving kindness and peace and joy. I love the simplicity of your approach. It takes the fear out of it, while at the same time giving some guidelines.

Thank you,dear participants, for a most wonderful workshop.


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