Mom - Guest Entry by Lauren, Gloria's Daughter

We are exact opposites in almost every way.

She is a youngest child, I'm an only. She easily asks for help, I have a hard time asking for help with anything. She is a naturally great writer, I have to work at it. Until I corrupted her, she read non fiction and classics. I read Harlequin romances.

Mom has stayed young. Whereas my dad listens to big band music and watches old movies, mom has stayed current. She knows who Madonna is, likes Incubus, and would dress like a teenager if she dared.


Mom and Dad.

If I didn't look so much like my dad, I would suspect that I was switched at birth.

Growing up, it was just me and my mom. I get twitchy just thinking about raising a child by myself.

She was a teacher and a great one. Mom taught Jr. High - grades 7 - 9. Not the easiest grades to teach, what with the kids going through the Hormone Years. She loved and appreciated the kids. Some of the teachers didn't.


Mom lost a bet about grammar with her class and had to eat a piece of paper.

When I was in third grade, my teacher was in the process of a big honking nervous breakdown. She'd throw desks if they were messy and made kids stand in the corner for hours. I started getting hives. Mom went to the principal to get me switched to another class, and he refused, because then he'd have to do it for everybody. Dork.

Mom yanked me out of school. I stayed home with our neighbor, Mrs. Michael, for two weeks until the principal at the school where my mom taught intervened and got me transferred to another school.

Mom is creative, and fights for what she believes in. When 25 school buses parked outside her classroom window every day running their engines and filling the class with icky fumes, she fought to have them park further away at the bottom of the hill. They did.

When the school was burning tons of styrofoam in the incinerator, again making toxic fumes, she had her students write letters to the city government. The unaffordable dumpster was suddenly affordable and was named after my mother.

Her creative writing class had a Poetry Booth at a local mall and made the front page of the paper. She had the kids paint the classroom with scenes from The Little Prince - it was beautiful, and she had the desks arranged in a circle. The teacher who inherited her classroom immediately repainted the walls institutional green and put the desks back in rows.

Our relationship isn't always easy. Somehow when I was still a kid our roles reversed. I feel more like her mom. She is childlike in many ways, and I don't feel like I ever got to be a child. Sometimes I just want to crawl into her arms and have her tell me everything will be okay, but I'm the one she comes to for comfort and support rather than the other way around.

Me and mom in France. I'm the blonde one:)


I'm not sure how to end this entry. Is saying To Be Continued cheating?


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Thankyou Lauren for this window into Gloria's private life. It gave me a funny feeling. It's so easy to put labels on people and I always felt Gloria as a great Mother, a warm, enveloping, yet firm energy. And now you say that you are more like her mother. I understand what you mean, because I often felt as if I were my mother's mum. I thank you for this beautiful insight. I realize more than ever that it's God who speaks through all of us, it's God who speaks through Gloria, when she answers our emails. And you gave us a possibility to have a glimpse of her human self.

Dear Lauren,
What a beautiful tribute for your Mom! I love insights into who people are, and you provided a wonderful background for Gloia's getting where she is today. Anyone who teaches 7-9th grades and enjoys it should be automatically canonized for sainthood! What an inspiration. Your pride in her pours off the page. How perfect that you can be such an inspiration to her as well.
Have a terrific Mother's Day together!

Thank you, Lauren, for such intimate insight shared with all of us. How special you must feel to know that you can provide that which is most important.... heartfelt love for your mother....the person who gives so much. Most children are naturally so self-absorbed while on their path of growth that they rarely understand how selflessly a mother can give....and give....and give....and give. It is only a child of real awareness that understands how important it is to return some of that unconditional love. How blessed you both are. It is, of course, no surprise that you are beautiful since you have come from the womb of a very special being.

What a beautiful person you are! Thank you so very much for your story about your Mother. It really touched my heart. I think anyone would be proud to have you as a daughter. Love to all, Dave

Thank you for your beautiful responses to my guest entry!!

I loved this entry and especially the pictures.
Gloria, you were such a good sport to eat the paper when you lost the bet with your class! And such a fun teacher you were. Wish I had you when I went to school.

Jacqueline, this is one of the sweetest things I've ever read. Especially because you know me so well, and still say you would have liked to be in my class. It would have been fun! Though, of course, you might have been a handful!

See you at 5 for a walk.

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