If you remember, I watched JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR, about 130 times and GODSPELL about 30 times. I must be a slow learner, or I wouldn't have had to watch them so often to get whatever it was that I was supposed to get from it. But, anyway, I was finally released from their spell.

Ted Neely, who played the lead in the movie JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR, came to Cedar Rapids, about two hours away, in a revival of the stage musical from thirty or so years before. The movie was derived from the play. During intermission, there were all kinds of things being sold  -- I joined the Ted Neely fan club and have a Ted Neely key chain still!

It was the movie that held the magic for me, however. With the movie, I forgot I was sitting in my living room in front of a TV screen. In the stage production, I always knew I was sitting there watching the musical, all the while comparing it to the movie and wanting the stage production that had all flashy colored flames to be just like the movie.

There are a few other movies I like to see more than once, of course, nowhere near the extent of the first two movies I mention above.

The Last of the Mohicans, starring Daniel Day Lewis and Madeleine Stowe, is one.  I watched it about four times.

The Painted Veil, starring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton, is another I've watched several times.

There are a few others.

What is it about a movie that makes me want to watch it more than once, I ask myself.

Certainly I didn't watch The Last of the Mohicans for its violence. I didn't watch The Painted Veil for a married woman's flirtation with someone else's husband.

It must be the love story that grips me.  I am not speaking of only romance, but true love that far exceeds romance. There is love of a way of life, and there is love of service, and there is true deep abiding love that was not instant but grew to be love.

What are the two movie I mentioned at the beginning but true love stories?


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LOL ... laughing because I had the nicest dream last night of singing OH HAPPY DAY over and over, then directing a choir, singing in a choir. Funny thing is I'm not a good singer ... but I do love to sing. Sounded pretty good in my dreams.

Movies I can't resist watching over and over are Last of the Dogmen and now Slumdog Millionaire. Probably the only movies I've ever watched more than several times is The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan (the one with Mary Martin).

Dear Pam, you have pretty good dreams!

Your list reminded me of The Sound of Music!

Also, I realize too that the movies I repeat all have a hero in them, a real hero.

True love? Real hero?
Here's one about a woman Christ: "Breaking the Waves".

I can watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings over and over. Real love stories those huh!? I'm not sure if BBC documentaries with David Attenborough count, but those are my most favorite. I just discovered a 5 disc DVD at the library. Guess what I'm watching these nights! Here's the thing though...when I watch these documentaries, I get all teary eyed at the beauty of creation. David is saying all these things with his beautiful voice and accent, and all I'm hearing is, "You see. Can you see?"

I like "Jesus Christ Superstar" very much. I think, the film from 1973 is amazing. It is so much feelings...
I was reading The last of the Mohicans - James Fenimore Cooper- many times and I was watching The last of the Mohicans film with Daniel Day Lewis and Madeleine Stowe again and again. The music of the film is just wonderful.I think at Wes Studi was great Magua.
It was nice to visit your blogg. Thank you!

Well, Ulion, we seem to be on the same wave length! I'm so glad not to be the only one who watches a great movie more than once!

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