Oh, no, I did it again

What is it that when I am around people I admire and I really want to appear cool, I fall flat on my face?

Way back when I was a princess in Romania (http://www.godwriting.org/godwriting/how-to-become-a-princess-generosity.... ) I don't think I told you about the time I got locked in a restaurant bathroom.

It was a bathroom for one person. I locked the outside door. That was a mistake, because, when the time came, the lock wouldn't unlock. The key wouldn't turn, or it kept turning around not accomplishing anything, I don't remember which.

I kept turning the key. I kept banging on the door. I yelled, "Let me out." In the hustle and bustle, no one heard me.

Here I was, locked in a bathroom in Romania. Would I ever get out?

I had a little panic, but also I couldn't stop laughing. I mean, that is an incredible experience to be locked in a bathroom in Romania, don't you think?

Between my solitary paroxysms of laughter, I was thinking of Heaven Admin in the restaurant waiting for me. I pictured him tapping his fingers on the table and wondering where I could have gone.

College graduate that I am, I finally noticed a window. I was able to open it and call out and get a waitress's attention.

Somehow she got the door open from the outside. She was not too happy with me and scolded me for locking the door.

I returned to Heaven Admin with as much dignity as I could muster.

What could possibly be worse than being locked in a bathroom in a foreign country?

I will tell you what. Even worse is being locked in a bathroom at the Fairfield Sufi House!

There was a crowd of people at the Sufi House in Fairfield the other night, and of course I locked the bathroom door. The lock was very tight, and it wasn't easy to turn, but I leaned against the door and succeeded.

However, when I wanted to leave, no matter which way I turned the lock, the door wouldn't budge. I couldn't remember which direction of the lock -- horizontal or vertical -- was locked or unlocked. Obviously, the door was stuck to the jamb. I was afraid that if I pulled too hard, and the lock was locked, I might break the lock or something.

As luck would have it, everyone in the Sufi House apparently heard my attempts at unlocking the door and congregated outside the door. Advice was coming from many voices. "Turn it the other way." "Try again."  "Tug at it."

Finally, I did get the door open! And there were all these people with smiles to greet me! Guess who was at the head of the happy smiling crowd outside the bathroom door? Yes, it was Effendi.

If you want to decrease ego, I would recommend the old-lock-yourself-in-bathroom-technique.


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Dear Gloria, you made my crying of laugh: your humor and your way to always learn something from everything might happens touched me. I'm imagining the thoughts of the Heaven Admin waiting for you at the restaurant...
A big hug!

Beloved Gloria,
I can't stop laughing dear !! thinking of dear Santhan waiting for and wondering....???
And the smiling crowd at the Sufi house !!! it is indeed therapeutic for the ego and for us when we read and laugh and laugh !!
And Andrea is right of course, you see always what can be learned of a certain experience, that is real wisdom dear.
... a dear friend of mine and I were rolling of laughter when she told me how she went into a pubblic bathroom with a heavy coat, her purse, a shopping bag ecc. and she couldn't handle it all and came out of the bathroom with some toilet paper hanging from her !!
A gentlman told her: "Hmm, sorry Madame, you seem to have something pending there.." and she was so emberrased that she did put on a cool face and "Oh yes, I know.." kind of saying it was meant!!
Indeed the is no space for ego !!
Infinite love and hugs and kisses dear !!

As I remember, Heaven Admin was quite relieved to see me!

Tell me, please, what did I learn? How to reduce ego?

To test unknown bathroom doors from the outside before locking yourself in from the inside :-)))

ROTFL :)))))))))))))

Yes, I guess you learned how to work on your ego and to reduce it. Of course, through your words the lesson arrives to all of us. Thanks for sharing.

Well, it has been awhile since I locked myself in a bathroom. And I think I was a smaller version of who I am now. (I crawled under the door, as there was enough space). Isn't it always the way, Gloria. To be in a different country, or someone else's home or restaurant...when that happens. You see, now that you have shared your comic circumstances with us, (and it sounds as though we all were laughing with tears) you may decide to check the locking system before you actually use it the next time. I know I will.
Your ego may be embarassed, but no matter. Gloria is here to provide us with love and smiles:)

And I think Heaven Admin probably thought - oh, there goes my friend Gloria again, just up to her antics, and providing comic relief!

You know God loves when joy is spread.

in love & light,

Hilarious. is what came to mind. Locking Doors? well that is Normal, if the door or lock is not working properly, why be embarrassed? The establishment should be embarrassed. Or perhaps GOD decided we needed a laugh. Wow! and did we not? Thank dear Gloria we all love you. Jack

Love to You Gloria...I am enjoying it thoroughly reading this and other blogs...and I Wonder "what is the use of being perfect, if we can not enjoy and make others laugh with our little goof ups !!!" :D

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