On the brink of a new world

I sat down this morning not knowing what to write about.

At first I thought I would take poignant lines from Heavenletters™ not yet published, and then I found I didn't really want to excerpt -- I wanted to post the whole Heavenletter!

And then I thought of writing about how sometimes not saying anything is the best policy. Then I didn't have anything more to say about that.

Then I thought I might reprint a Heavenletter that Russ Michael reprinted in his worldwide newsletter this morning. He chose to reprint an older Heavenletter today. He has never done that before. He always posts the next Heavenletter in line. Why, then, today, did he post an older Heavenletter?

Of course, the Heavenletter he posted is one I had forgotten all about. That is not unusual, that I have no recollection of a Heavenletter. I did find this one especially delightful. It's #2844, On the Brink of a New World, published September 5, 2008, almost a year ago. Not surprisingly, it's as timely today as it was back then.

Shall I post it or not? Where is a daisy for me to pluck petals from to decide? No daisy to be had, but I think I will post it:

HEAVEN #2842 , On the Brink of a New World

God said:

All of your life on the Earth plane is a mirage, yet how real-seeming are mirages! The difference between your mirage and a mirage in the desert is that you are not in a desert. You are in the Garden of Eden. Part of your mirage is that you seemingly think you live in a desert, and then you go about proving that you do. You say, "That's how it is."

Will you, once and for all, please forget about what displeases you? Will you please stop bringing up statistics and facts? Who cares what has been in the past? You certainly do not have to re-establish the past. You do not have to perpetuate it. You don't have to remind yourself that you live in a desert where there is often night and absence of light. Will you kindly stop being what you consider realistic? Will you kindly put an emphasis on another realness? How about the realness of what can be? How about the realness of what must be?

Look, if, in the world, you find yourself standing in mud, you step out of it. You wouldn't stay in the mud when you don't have to. You do not have to point out the mud even once more. You simply step out of it and be on the ground of your dreams.

Dreams do come true. They come true all the time. It is unrealistic to say they don't. It is unrealistic to say the world cannot change. Beloveds, the world changes every day. Sometimes it goes back and forth. Why not dream of a world that is as constant as I am? Why not dream of the world as you want it to be? Why would you be thinking of anything else?

You may say you are not sure that the world you desire can manifest. You can be sure, however, that until you dream of the world you desire, unless you picture it, unless you feel it, you will not be helping to manifest it. You will be keeping the world where it is. Why would you do that? If you want a beautiful world, and I am certain you do, why keep drawing on the old one? Why highlight it? Why reconstitute it ten times in a row and seldom create the world you desire? You have it backwards, beloveds.

If life on Earth is not real anyway, then why not create the unreal world you truly want?

Look, if you want to make a delicious soup for supper tonight, you don't think about the burnt soup you made last night. Beloveds, it is incumbent on you to imagine the world as you would like it to be. Imagine peace. Do not tell Me that there will always be war. Because there have been wars does not mean that there always have to be wars. Do you see how you paint yourself into a corner? You know better. No longer do this.

Columbus discovered a new world. And you, My beloveds, are on the brink of discovering a new world. Discover it first in your thoughts. Where else can a new world begin if not from your thoughts?

Nothing has to stay the same. Nothing does stay the same. Your thoughts are jumping around all the time. Why not put your thoughts to work for the benefit of the new world? Yes, beloveds, make the world whole with your thoughts right now. Mold the world into My Image.

What is your favorite line from this Heavenletter?


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"If life on Earth is not real anyway, then why not create the unreal world you truly want?"

I tried and cannot find any line more favourable then the other I read Russ's news letter and was reminded of wat I read last year only Now it means more than I remember last year. I think of our new world dayly and it is becomming more heavenly dayly From paradise to wordly heaven beautiful and joyfull Love ALL Jack

I can see why Russ chose this letter. Thank you, Gloria, for re-posting it.

“If life on Earth is not real anyway, then why not create the unreal world you truly want?”

The power of our imagination! It is so easy to take it for granted, yet it is infinitely powerful!

“Do you see how you paint yourself into a corner? You know better. No longer do this.”

Simple, direct, to the point and easy……if only we remember to keep this in mind.

“Yes, beloveds, make the world whole with your thoughts right now. Mold the world into My Image.”

I’m sorry, I couldn’t just stick to picking one line out of this magnificent letter!

It is so exciting to read about Lauren's move, your soon-to-be happening adventures in Europe, and then your fairy-tale trip toward Capilla del Monte!

Do I remember aright that you yourself send out the translations of HLs? Would you please start sending me the Spanish version (in addition to the regular one). I am studying Spanish and this will be so helpful to me in building vocabulary. I also have a Spanish-speaking friend with whom I would like to share them (if she likes them she might want to get them herself at some point). Sending you much love,

Thank you so much for posting, dear Margaret!

You have been happily added to the Spanish mailing list.

Most of the translations go out from Argentina. I send out Hebrew translations right now from Iowa as well as a few of the Heaven News' translations.

Your friend will be most welcome!

Beloved Jochen, I can't find this Heavenletter on the website. Not by number and not by title. Can you find it? Does it have a different number or title?

On the Brink of a New World
Heavenletter #2842 Published on: September 5, 2008

How do you do it, Jochen!!! My real question is: How is it that I couldn't!

I fixed the number in the blog entry.

Muchas gracias, senor.

I will not try to answer your "real question", Señora. No wild speculations allowed here.

Let me tell you about two (of many) things you can try in a case like this one:

1. Click "Heavenletters" (top row) and enter "Brink" under "by Title". Go.
2. Open the blue searcher (top right corner) and then click "Advanced search". In a case like the present one where you already have the Heavenletter, simply copy any part of it, for instance the first sentence or the beginning of it, and paste it under "Containing the phrase:". Check "Heaven Letters" (below). Go.

Wow, Jochen, I had no idea such a powerful search utility was available to us! Sweet!

You can be sure, however, that until you dream of the world you desire,unless you picture it, unless you feel it,you will not be helping to manifest it.

"helping to manifest it" - does that mean hand in hand with God?

It is so true... if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten.

another note- it was a pleasure to hear your voice today on blog radio.
And the brief moment in time we had with Santhan, well, his voice is just so full of laughter.

in love & light,

Beloved Lynda, how happy and grateful I am to have had you call in! Now I know your voice, and now I feel even closer to you. God bless you! With love, Gloria

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