Overreacting to the Little Things

Despite everything that God says in Heavenletters™ and in my personal Godwriting™, time and time again, I find myself getting riled up about little things, mostly about nothing worth being bothered over, really about nothing at all. Spam, for instance.

I do know better.

Whereas there are particular spams that do not bother me  -- the ones about watches and such -- yet lately every time a spam comes from Craig's List, I find myself irate at Craig's List. What is there about Craig's List that gets me off balance? What do I care about one more delete? Yet there I am, feeling emotional about Craig's List spam. I don't just delete. I bang the delete key and find myself muttering, "Get out of here, and don't come back, etc."

It appears that I can be calm when I break my shoulder, just take it in my stride, yet when it comes to some little thing like spam, I seem to have to overreact. What is this? Am I the only one who is so ridiculous as to let spam ruin my peacefulness?

When I Godwrite,  annoyances simply disappear. They don't exist -- at least until the next time.  The cure seems to be to turn my attention to God, and whatever is bothering me melts away. I think I had better Godwrite more often.

And read and reread Heavenletters more often:

"What did Christ and the other Great Ones do but place their hearts with Mine? What did they give up but triviality and lesser consciousness?... They simply put aside pettiness, and that's how they became great."

Heavenletter #2950 http://www.heavenletters.org/the-great-ones-still-live.html


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Hi Gloria,
I don't know why spam bothers you, but telling it not to come back sounds like a good strategy. Does it work?
Happy New Year!

I think God's idea is somewhat similar to what Jacqueline suggests, only He does not address the seeming cause but the anger itself, this "allergy" (His expression) we all seem to have. Okay, I have it. Feeling defenseless about things that invade my space again and again (which sounds like a definition of spam, but since I don't get much spam, I have other forms of invasion to contend with).

Let's apply some itching powder to this allergy. Perhaps the whole Heavenletter™ I have in mind should go here, but I will post only the first two paragraphs and the last one:

Before Anger Arises
Heavenletter # 2613 Published on: January 20, 2008

God said:
Why do you become adamant over things the way you do? For example, you may become irate at emailed spam that you receive over and over again. You know it is not sent to you alone. You know it has nothing to do with you, and yet you are still irate. You know better, yet an annoyance may stir great anger in you. You feel invaded, and you feel powerless because senders of spam don’t give up easily. They keep coming. One quickly takes the place of another.

This is a good example of how anger lurks within you. Whatever opened up your anger is not what led to it. Your anger was there, ready to burst out. Anger is very difficult for you, I know. You would beg Me to take it away from you once and for all. You would give anything to be spared from anger.
Perhaps if you invite anger to leave, it will. Talk to it ahead of time. Monitor yourself. Before you check email, for instance, remind yourself that you can delete without anger. You know what arenas in your life where anger tends to erupt. Before you enter these arenas, kindly show anger the door.

I'd do handstands in gratitude for anything that evoked anger in me, no matter how small.

Maybe we should start sending out Heaven quotes like this. Spam for God!

Oceans of Love

I have had enough anger to be very grateful for then!

Spam for God!

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