Perfect Customer Service at Last

Yes, at last, the perfect customer service representative has come into my life!

You have lived through the worst of my customer service experiences, like the time I had to wait on the phone for literally an hour and a half, and the customer service representative thought that was okay because Monday and Fridays are their busy days.

I try to be a better person and not be bothered by what, when all is said and done, can only be a minor thing.

Recently I also had a not too good experience, yet you will be happy to know that, after I tell you about this recent customer service angst, I will end this blog entry with a marvelous customer service experience. Yes, a marvelous customer service experience! Such a thing does exist!

But first, a friend of mine emailed me to say that her phone was not working at all. She asked me to call her telephone company on her behalf and report it for her. She gave me all the necessary information and also asked me to mention that she is disabled.

I happened to know that the weekend before my friend had dislocated her hip and had to have an ambulance take her to the hospital. She needs her telephone.

Okay, I called my friend's telephone service. There was the usual waiting, maybe fifteen minutes with all the repeated messages and music, and finally someone answered. I told the supposed rep the situation.  It turned out that the person who had answered the phone was from an answering service that my friend's phone company uses when they have too many calls,  and there was nothing this answering service could do!

Okay, I called the phone company again and, after five minutes or so, a real customer service person answered. I told her the story. She didn't care. I tried to give her my friend's street address at which point she said she didn't need it yet, and then said, "Just a minute." She didn't say why she was leaving. After ten minutes of waiting, it occurred to me that she wasn't coming back.

I called again. Again after waiting I got the answering service. This person was more service-oriented and said she would deliver the information to a service representative.

I felt I couldn't just leave it at that and called the telephone company again. It didn't take too long before a representative came on the line. He wasn't sympathetic, yet it was clear he was going to be efficient. He asked me for all the information. When he said, "Just a minute," I said, "You're going to come back, aren't you? The last person who said that didn't come back." He assured me he would come back. And he reassured me every time.

Finally, the upshot was that he found my friend's phone was working! It was not out of order. It was working! Augggh.

Now here's my very nice customer service experience. This was with a company called Tech for Less.  I love Tech for Less, and I will love them forever.

I had ordered something through Amazon that was actually from Tech for Less. The package was delivered so quickly, I couldn't believe it. However, when I opened the package, it was plain to see that it was damaged. I tried using the component. It did work but it was kinda...wobbly. This was not a used product. It was new, and I had paid full price.

I emailed customer service.  Asked for a replacement.

The reply came from a real person.  It was not a canned message. It was the person's real words! Believe it or not, the reply even had hearts on it. I like a company that lets their employees include hearts.

First the email expressed that she, the customer rep, was sorry that this had happened. She told me that they had sent me the last once they had, so she was sorry they couldn't send me a replacement. She said she had already started the paper work to give me a complete refund. She also said that if I could use the component as it was, that I should go ahead and use it, and she said again that they were really sorry for my inconvenience.

This was perfect customer service, wouldn't you say? Great customer service does exist! And I experienced it. Tech for Less trained their representatives or they hired the best in the first place.

P.S. I found devious ways of preventing the product from wobbling, and I am happily using it guilt-free with Tech for Less's blessing.  Well, God bless them.


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Recently I did a mystery shop for a chain gas station/rest area that has a lot of truckers, a million gas pumps, etc. I was evaluating the coffee area--was there a hostess, was everything clean, was I greeted promptly, etc. It was such a pleasant experience!

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