Pitta's Comments about Godwriting Workshop

I hope I have well understood all questions. If you think something is not so clear, please tell me and I will try to do it again. My love and gratefulness to you and Santhan, dear Gloria. I always remember Santhan's eyes, deep eyes of God's Love.


It's not easy describe the experience of this workshop. How could be done? All I feel inside myself it's hard to traduce in words. I think an experience like that can change a person. It worked with me. Every change is so thin, is difficult to capture it in words. I could say: now I know better myself.


The point when the light came up was when everyone opened his own heart without fear about anything. This is the magnificence of meetings like this, because in that moment really our heart become only one.

Yes, I think there is a key at Godwriting: get out of the mind -- there is the key.


I consider my family everyone who speaks the language of God, in a way or another, I felt I was home. I was also very happy to meet Gloria e Santhan and all others brothers and sisters. My happiness was high.

There isn't one thing I will never miss. I will never miss everything is happened there, I will never miss everyone who was there, their crying, their hopes, their love. I will never miss also what I was there.


Really, I don't have wanted anything more.


The group has played a great importance! We all are one, don't it? Without them, if I been there alone, I'm sure it would not be the same, any changing would happened. I often think how great disaster it would be if I didn't meet them. My life would not be like it is now.

Oh, I have learned so much from other people, like always in life. Everyone is special of his own. There isn't a person I prefer. I think about everyone of them for his/her special gift, everyone.


Wow, of course I feel something different, for all things I wrote above. It could be said not only something, really all my life.


I don't think it needs other questions.


I won't like say anything more and, sorry, I haven't suggestions about.


Yes, you could do what you want with my comments.


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Pitta dearest Angel,
loving you always !! I love the joy and laughter you shine on all, impossible for me to think of you and not laugh, seeing you sitting beside Andrea, when dearest Santhan showered these question on us !!!!
Big hugs dear !

Hi Pitta, Beautiful to meet you. It feels like I was there and meet you all again Thank you for sharing Love light and Have Fun. Live is Great Jack

Yes... understanding & translating these questions has been quite comic for me... lot of laughing with dear pitta :)like the translation from italian into italian by Magda :)

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