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Gloria to God:

Beloved God, since I (You? We?) decided to have the blog be more about spirituality than about me, it is getting more exciting, and many more ideas for blog entries come.

God: Of course.

Gloria: On the blog right now is a question about our coming before You. One point of view expressed by several was that, unless we acknowledge Our Oneness with You, You would tell us to go away and come back when we’re ready. I can’t believe this.

God: I am never away from you, so how could I send you away?

Gloria: I love Your answers.


Gloria to God: Beloved God, the blog is getting much more exciting since more of it is about You.

God: Gloria, I am the most exciting thing there is.

Gloria: So may it be, dear God. You are the Reward and the Rewarder.

God: Yes.

Gloria: I feel like I am distancing from everyone and everything except from You.  Is this loss of attachment?

God: It is the beginning.

Gloria: I’m not sure I like it. I have desired it, and yet I’m not altogether happy with it.

God: Boundaries are falling away. You feel it like distance. This is detachment, yet detachment is not disenchantment.

Gloria: Yesterday was such a short Heavenletter. Total surprise.

God: I was busy! (smile) Yes, brief is what was called for at the moment. I am tired of doing all the work! (smile)

Gloria: No, You’re not. You don’t work. You love.

God: So now you have your answer.  



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God wants us to find our own answers!

God: I am never away from you, so how could I send you away?

We are the ones who are sending us away. And why not, because God knows that when we will really be ready to come back, of our own will, we will tell him: "Yes God, I am ready. Here I am".

So now we have the answer.

Gloria Love this is beautiful. I did have differend opinion with god and after arguing it always turned out God was correct So Nowadays I do not ask God what is right I do know With all the previous arguig God Helped be to become Love and Happy. All is now so easy.Love you all Jack

In modern society, at least in the part of the world I inhabit, it is not a comfortable thing to talk about God in public. You could say that discussing Him is not “politically correct.” You might even say it is not “religiously correct,” except from a pulpit. It is my observation that we feel a certain inhibition about expressing ourselves about concerns that most meaningfully involve our idea of who God is, His role in our lives and our relationship with Him.

From my reading of Heavenletters, the Author seems to be saying that this attitude and the reticence that results are mistaken. I clearly recall times when He says He wants us to include Him in our day to day lives, including our conversations with others. He invites us to take our problems to Him. He suggests He is the real answer to all our problems, yet most of us spend more than 99% of our time talking over our troubles with others without ever mentioning Him or His potential assistance.

Heavenletters forums are different. They are a lovely breath of fresh air, allowing us to really talk about what counts most in our lives with a bunch of very open-minded people that have an expanded sense of life’s possibilities. The comments that usually follow the daily Heavenletter are wonderful, but I sense a certain hesitation in myself as well as in most others to speak freely in this comment venue. I believe this is because it feels a bit presumptuous to add to or interpret what God says in His daily message (although I sometimes fight this feeling and do it anyway).

If I am right about this, I think this leaves your blog, Gloria, as the best place for us to speak about spiritual ideas without any inhibition whatsoever. Also, since you do such a nice job of leading the discussions, this makes it your blog even more valuable in this regard. I guess this is a whole lot of words to just be expressing my agreement with what God says to you here in this blog entry. A focus on a spiritual theme is a wonderful answer to a pressing need.

God: "yet detachment is not disenchantment."

This short personal Godwriting is so wholesome!

I think we must reach this point on top of the cliff where we have to walk through the perceived void. God tells us to walk then He will throw the net. We would prefer to see the net before we jump. We don't like to lose our earthly schemes of references. We want to keep the aircraft on the ground while, at the same time, we want to fly. We can not leave and stay at the same time.

Are we afraid of a kind of boredom if we cross the bridge? It also relates to our sense of littleness versus magnitude or greatness. We got used to be content with our comfortable littleness, comfortable in our human relationship networks. Littleness is the offering we give ourself. We offer this in place of magnitude and we accept it. Detachment might mean realizing that if we choose littleness, our choice is our evaluation of ourself. God says that we will be content only in magnitude, which is our home. Detachment should not be disenchantment.

There are great hearts and minds here.

Dear Gloria,
as long as your personal Godwritings are universal, please post them, because they are targeted and it is easier for us to comment...

I will put attention on it, dear Normand.

God is the Doer, the Doing, and the Deed. At times these are not merely words, but absolute Knowing.

Feeling distance from everyone and everything at times can get my human self feeling in a "blue funk", feeling "why not walk away from it all?", but then, eventually, the golden thread of connection to the inner Father comes to my awareness, and all is okay as it is. So like Gloria, we just keep on keeping on.

This blog is helpful to us, Gloria. Most of us are following the same path, learning along with you.

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