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There is a paragraph from Chuck's guest entry How to Heal that I would like to know more about. Some clarification. That is to say that I have some questions.

I love what Chuck writes, and I love that what he writes stirs something in me. What he writes gives me fodder for thought.  He stimulates my thinking. It took Chuck's initiative to write what he did, and it is so easy then for someone to come in and examine it! And that's what I'm doing.  Of course, Chuck can't cover every angle in one blog entry. No one can.


Here is the paragraph I refer to:

Perhaps there are other levels, deeper yet, that I have no understanding of, but I believe I am beginning to become aware of the ultimate and deepest level of healing.  This would be on the level that Heavenletters™ is speaking.  This would be on the level of our understanding of Who God is and our relationship to Him.  Seen in this light, our emotional distance from Him, and our misunderstanding of our relationship to Him, would be the ultimate source of all disease, and it would follow that our intimate awareness of our Oneness with Him would be the ultimate healing.

It is the last two sentences that I wonder about. Chuck is referring to the ultimate and deepest level of healing. Here is the first of these two sentences:

This would be on the level of our understanding of Who God is and our relationship to Him.

My initial response to the first of the last two sentences is this:

We're agreed, I'm pretty sure, that we all have the same deep relationship with God. If there is Oneness, there is Oneness, conscious or not.

Regarding our understanding of this relationship -- that varies considerably.

So here's my question: How much does our level of understanding of our relationship with God have anything to do with illness?


On the metaphysical level, do we earn good health? Is our health a question of reward and punishment?  It can't be, can it? God in Heavenletters™ says there is no karma.

Can health and illness be a question of exercise? diet? luck? family history?


I hear people often say something like this: "Arthritis runs in our family. So, of course, I have arthritis." Fatalistic thinking that, isn't it.  Almost a guarantee of arthritis.

Is it the history of arthritis in the family that causes arthritis? Or is it the belief in inheriting an illness that causes the illness?  Or is it perhaps some way of thinking and speaking that we picked up from family members that contributes to the illness? Or, as absurd as it may sound, do we desire illness and/or a particular type of illness? Is all illness of the mind?

How can illness be based on the consciousness of the person? Saints get illnesses. Everyone dies.

I have to mention here the documented stories of people with multiple personalities -- all in the same body -- who may have diabetes in one body and not the others, who may have severe allergies in one body and not the others and so on. Does the body follow the personality? What?

In regard to the following statement:

Seen in this light, our emotional distance from Him, and our misunderstanding of our relationship to Him, would be the ultimate source of all disease, and it would follow that our intimate awareness of our Oneness with Him would be the ultimate healing.

Yes, our intimate awareness of our Oneness with God would be the ultimate healing, yet our body could still have the illness and/or die ostensibly from it.

That brings up another side to the question. What about miracles? Do we earn them or not earn them? It seems to me that miracles can happen to anyone, just as illness can.

As God says, there are some things that, at present, we simply can't understand. And when we can't understand, do we then shrug our shoulders and call it luck or karma?

There are lots of things that are beyond my understanding.


[The photo of the 4-leaf clover above comes from a couple in the Netherlands. The day the wife, Claire, subscribed to Heavenletters, Karel, her husband, found a 4-leaf clover in the grass!]


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i want to tel of my expirince about of healing of the body
for tenyears a go i was in hospetal and doctor seid to me
somthing happen in my sholder and he want to oparation me
in my sholder, i seid no, i want to go home,
and amlaydown in the bed relaxs all my body and my sholder
and am healing my self take one week bfor i can move in my
arms and my sholder,today i can work agein and am thank to God he helppeng me to healling my sholder,this week i feel illnes and strggle about my dother,but meracle com to me in my mind and GOD he give me advice now i feel rest,and thank to God

Would it be safe to say that much of the time, our bodies would heal without intervention?

Well, Gloria, dear, you sure do raise a lot of tough questions in this article. I guess in a way I am responsible to do my best to answer some of them since it was the ideas in my guest article you are addressing. In a way, I am very prepared for this and in a way, I am completely unprepared. I am prepared in that I have given these questions much thought, some over the whole span of my life. I am completely unprepared in that what I am saying here is based on very vague understandings and just recently dawning insights. The only place I know where they are adequately addressed (but not necessarily understood by me) is in Heavenletters.

Probably the most fundamental question you raise is: Where does illness come from in the first place? I think the deepest level that we can address this is to ask where everything comes from. I believe there is a lot of evidence that shows us that everything physical is made out of energy and this energy originates in consciousness. Everything is manifested as feelings and thought or as feelings and thought solidified into what we see as matter and physical forces. If this is true, consciousness is the beginning and end of it. What exists within anyone’s consciousness is the source of their disease and what changes within their consciousness explains the worsening of the disease or the healing of it.

We agree that illness is not punishment; especially it is not God’s punishment. But I contend it is lawful. Health is the unimpeded flow of love through our mind and, consequently, through our body. This flow can be blocked and this is what disease is. What blocks it? Well, from what I have argued so far, it must be our consciousness, and we have to include those aspects of our consciousness we are not necessarily aware of in any given instant, what some call the “unconscious.” It is our thoughts and especially our beliefs and long standing habitual thoughts at play. This may sound a bit strange, but I think we actually “physicalize” (I think I just created this word) our thoughts into our physical environment and that environment actually serves to maintain the thoughts that created it, both for ourselves and for others.

When we understand who we really are and our intimate relationship with God, the beliefs that block the flow of love are completely cleared out. But this has to be a knowing, not a mere intellectual understanding. Illness, by this understanding, always signals blocks that are still present. It is the role of illness and pain to help us find the blocks. Our mind exists in parts. Part can be clear while part can remain blocked.

Why do saints have illnesses? I would say they still must have had mistaken ideas and thoughts even though we see them as “saints.”

“Multiple personalities” have completely separate belief systems and their own memories, etc., even though they sequentially exist within a single body. It is the nature of that psychiatric illness. The different beliefs change the physical diseases the body has and can even change physical characteristics as the personalities come and go.

I you believe that the physical levels of diet and exercise and family genetics are the source of health and disease, then you better attend to them because failing to do so will put you in an early grave. The mind controls the body. Completely.

If we are one with God, will the body still die? I would venture to speculate yes. We never actually die, but our body was designed to be temporary, physical death of the body is part and parcel of the design of our bodies to be tools of our spiritual evolvement.

I believe our bodies are built to heal if unimpeded. If this good health is impeded, though, intervention is necessary. The intervention may just be faith, prayer, loving intent or guided imagining to release these blocks. It may also be a surgeon’s scalpel, guided by his loving intent.

I guess this is long enough for now. I did my best 

Much love and best wishes…….Chuck

Chuck, you did a great job answering questions that may, indeed, be unanswerable.

Not that you're saying this, but I just can't accept that health/illness can possibly be like marks on a report card of consciousness.

Chuck — Gloria

I love both comments.

Personally, I'll stick with "Remove it now" – hoping to attain to the level of freedom Heavenletters want to see us on. Clearly, our thinking is getting more and more agile and original, but there is more.

There are no mechanisms of health and sickness, there are certainly no report cards. If we seriously contemplate "no time, no space", how could there be any of that? Don't even be bound by your unconscious is what I hear Heavenletters say. Do not accept anything as inevitable or ordained. Be what you want to be, let life be the reality of your most cherished and most secret dream. You can.

We will be in and out of body according to our own  c o n s c i o u s  choice, that's how free Heavenletters want us to be.

i don't have time for a long dissertation. you can visit my web site and read my books. disease is a loss of health so we must seek to help find it for the person involved. the healing potential is built into all of us. if Jesus did it why can't we? all living things have this ability.

When there is no thought, where is the mind? When there is no mind, where can karma exist?

Let's say that God, the artist that He is, created the human body in perfection. So one day there was a exposition of God's art work at renowned gallery in New York. Everyone was blown away. What beauty! What perfection! What genius. Then a lone voice from the crowd, creaked through hushed awe of the observers, "But isn't his nose a little skew?"

And so everyone went home wondering.

I saw Bernie mentioned in a book that a friend left behind recently. "... Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, author of the best selling book Love, Medicine and Miracles, asserts that it is because people are addicted to their beliefs".

Could it be that disease is an impression on the mind of something that was created in perfection? Could it be that what we call healing is removal of that impression? Maybe that impression is what the "Remove it now" that Jochen quoted is referring to.

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