Namaste, Santhan

Namaste, Santhan

In my daily personal Godwriting, I ask God to send help to Heavenletters. “God, send help. I can’t do it all." And God answers simply that help is coming. I ask, “When?" and God says, “Soon."

True to His word, help has come, and it keeps coming. I keep asking for more because the funny thing is that the more help that comes, the more that’s needed!

People have always been my good fortune, and Heavenletters and I are surrounded with good fortune. There is a long list of those who have gone out of their way to help Heavenletters, and another time I will write about their goodness. But this entry is about Santhan.

Santhan does not know how he first heard of Heavenletters. A Heavenletter magically appeared in his inbox, and he read it, and he subscribed. He sent me a note that caught my attention, but I had no clue as to who he was and what he would become to Heavenletters. I wonder if he knew.

Occasionally, in an email here and there, Santhan would graciously mention that he would be glad to host Heaven’s web site as a gift, help with marketing, get us higher up on the search engines, set up an newsletter software that would accommodate thousands of new subscribers a week, bring us 100,000 new subscribers within a year, etc., in fact, give Heavenletters whatever it might need.

You would think that I would have jumped at his offer, but I didn’t at first. I guess what he was saying just didn’t sink in. God kept telling me help is coming – here is Santhan offering to help -- and I’m slow on the uptake! Unbelievable. Finally, God must have thumped me on the head, I woke up, and now Santhan is performing miracles. Although it would be difficult to separate Santhan from miracles, it is his Being I want to tell you about.


He is twenty-eight years old, and he lives to serve God and mankind. He has two humanitarian companies, Khanyi Media in South Africa, and Mojah Media in Argentina. You will see these names at the bottom of this web site, for the idea of this blog and were Santhan’s. And he did all the work so we have them.

Now I will give you a specific example of Santhan’s light.

In December and January, Santhan was in South Africa. On New Year’s Eve, he went to the Indian Ocean, sat on the beach and meditated at midnight. Santhan follows his heart.

Nearby on the beach was a gang of about twenty reveling teenagers, drinking, making noise. Santhan paid them no mind.

After a while, the whole group came over to Santhan and asked him what he was doing.

“Meditating," he said.

They looked at each other and then asked, “Would you teach us?"


So about twenty teenagers sat down near Santhan, and, as Baby New Year came in, he taught these young people how to meditate.

Santhan works magic and makes friends wherever he goes. He takes such pleasure in life and the people in it that it makes you (me) glad to be alive. He talks about the weather in Rosario, Argentina, and you are uplifted. He talks about anything, and you are uplifted. His cooking, for instance. Even a description of a simple meal he prepares makes your mouth water. Today he wrote that he was preparing a big pot of soup for the fruit shop owner, for Natalia (the pregnant baker who saves special breads for him) and for Carlo the guy who makes fresh salads and other take away stuff.

Every minute, Santhan’s whole heart is directed to God. He never would want to, but he puts me to shame. When I sit down to eat, more often than not, I sit down with the television. Santhan sits down with Krishna.

I would never run out of things to say about Santhan, but I will add just one more thing now:

A cousin of Santhan’s also subscribes to Heavenletters. They grew up together as children. I wrote to his cousin and asked her to tell me the real goods -- what was Santhan like as a child growing up! She answered that he was just like any other mischievous boy, and that then suddenly he was this wonderful man, inspiring and loving everyone, just the way God says to do.

Namaste, Santhan.


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I really like this little story about Santhan. God really knows what He is doing ;-)

Dear Dave,

Do you know Santhan? And do I know you? I have a feeling I do.

I see that you do know God, Who, yes, really does know what He is doing!

Thank you so much for posting your comment.

Blessings and love, Gloria

I just clicked on the names at the bottom of this blog, I mean Khanyi Media and Mojah Media, and I am amazed! That people like this exist in the business world! And they are all men! Whatever spiritual seminars or places I've attended, they were all full of women. To see that men like this exist and to read about their purpose and working methods gives me hope that the New World already exists. Thanks to all you guys and thanks to God for having blessed us with your presence!

I was happy to find this story of Santhan
here as I was just browsing thru this site.
I liked the real story of Santhan teaching 20
People on the beach how to meditate.
I will now go and check out his sites.
Thanks Gloria.

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