Santhan Speaks and Clocks Go Back One Hour in U.S.

"Business and Spirituality as One"


Sunday 11/02/08 11 am Pacific Time

(6pm in London - 8pm Germany - 9pm in Romania)

 Santhan is Heaven's Hero.

 Tune in today, Sunday, November 2nd at 11am Pacific Standard Time to Santhan.


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Santhan is the forerunner of how businesses can create profits, treat and pay their employees right, and uplift the world. He is doing it every day.

Santhan initiated a company called Khanyi Media after a little dog that came briefly into his life by no coincidence. Khanyi means light and represents the Divine light within each being.

Knowing a a deeper level what his life purpose was, it would be a while before Santhan would allow that vision to clarify and dominate his activities. As he peeled off layer after layer, growing close to Divinity, his life purpose began to reveal itself in greater clarity.

Khanyi Media, with its heart centered in God, has grown into an international organization with projects in Romania, The United States of America, Argentina and South Africa.

Khanyi Media is a corporation created to serve our world. Santhan is the steward of this organization and is focused on using business in a creative and joyous way, to serve the divinity of every being, bringing harmony into our world again.

Santhan says:

I am a yogi, and yoga in all its forms is the way I use to guide my life and interaction with the world.

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Heaven Admin, we are so happy for all you do for Heavenletters and the world. We are proud to know you.


Our show was different, I have had other other shows that were great, powerful, and insightful, just like this one. But this one was different... it was almost like we went back to our original innocence. Like BEing reborn. Something new, something fresh.

Gloria, thank you for introducing me to Santhan.

Thank you both for the kind words and comments on my host page.

Thank you both for BEing a blessing in my Life.

I Love you as you are...

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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