Sometimes I Get a Glimpse

Sometimes, once in a while, I get a glimpse of what it might be like when we are totally One with God.

These are tiny brush strokes, you understand, short moments that make certain I accept as fact everything that God in Heavenletters™ says to us.

There are two kinds of glimpses I would like to tell you about. 

God talks a lot about our looking through His eyes and seeing as He sees, and how we are a reflection of Him.  He talks about our lessening of ego, and about how the world and the people in it will look to us when ego is less dominant.

God tells us we are getting closer and closer all the time.

I can't say I am aware that I look through God's eyes, but I can say that sometimes I wonder Whose eyes I'm looking through. For a particular brief moment of time and space, I don't know Whose eyes I'm looking through. For a moment my eyes are not mine. I'm not explaining this very well.

There are moments when it does seem as though everything I see has a special  glow. It not like I see a glow, but I know it's there.  Sometimes I have felt that I am seeing the silence, even amid traffic. But how can that be? Am I the silence?

God has said that one day we will all see Him in everyone and everything. I long for that experience to come.  I may have had a glimpse of that the other day. Now I will tell you about that one-time experience.

I forget where I was. Some public place. Probably at Everybody's, the whole food store. Could have been Hy-Vee.

I saw a man near the front of the store talking on a cell phone. This man was no one I knew. To the best of my knowledge, he wasn't anyone I had ever seen before.  He was not an especially handsome man; he was not what I, Gloria, would normally think of as attractive.

But when I went into that store and saw this man, my heart leaped. He was BEAUTIFUL. My first impulse was to go over to him and tell him how beautiful he was. I had to restrain myself. I am certain that my eyes showed what I was feeling. I don't think he saw.

But what made him stand out? What was it? I wondered if it could have been his posture, or the way he moved and turned around as he was talking. I don't know what made him so beautiful.

I can't say I was seeing the God in him. I don't know anything except that he was so beautiful that my heart now feels a pang of great yearning to have that moment back.

We also know that God tells us we don't need experiences. That's a given. I think God in Heavenletters has said experiences come when least expected. Certainly we can't make such experiences happen. Part of the loveliness of this experience in the store is that it was such a surprise.

Well-knowing that so-called experiences are not at all necessary to our growth, I still would like to ask you what you may have seen or thought or experienced that might have made you wonder if you were feeling something a little out of the ordinary, perhaps having a glimpse of something more.


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Wow, Last nite I connected to the grid for a brief while. I don't know if it was my mind trying to make me feel better or an actual spiritual grid that exists. Perhaps both things are simultaneously true?

The grid was a circle and the people/beings in it were in their own little space but connected. The circle may have been around the earth or within it, not sure.

It had the architectural feel of the the seats of the first Star Wars movie where Luke Skywalker and Hans solo where shooting at the Darth Vader's men. Yet these were not war like constructs, just places to sit and be connected to all the others.

The dominant feeling was of being really happy. Wow, I wanted to stay there but didn't and tried to go back but couldn't.

I take umbrage at the fact that we can't seem to sustain ourselves in places like this for very long and have great puzzlement why we don't or can't.

That concept aside, I think we take whatever good feelings we have and move into them for as long as we can, appreciate and bless them for what they are and allow that to be the feeling memory seed that grows.

I do believe that those of us on the path of Light Workers and spiritual seekers will be visiting and experiencing these states for longer periods and we will be (are) the spiritual Pioneers, Imagineneers and Architects that pave the way for others even as others are paving the way for us.

The way to experiencing expansion and other worldliness, dimensions that are present right in front of us. I think we will do this spontaneously as well as learn to produce them on a regular basis based on the spiritual technology of mindfulness and heart centeredness.

Dear Gloria,
If you want to see GOD in Person Please Look In the Mirror Love jACK

It confuses me that God says we don't need these experiences. These glimpses of intense love seem to me what could help keep us focused on God's presence. I would so like to have a glimpse, a small sample of the intense awareness of love and oneness. Aren't these experiences a sample of what is to come? Gloria, why do you think God says they are not necessary to our spiritual growth? Aren't they evidence of spiritual growth? Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I find it very uplifting.
Love from Sally

Beloved Sally, I think I didn't say what I meant to say. I'm so glad you brought this up. Of course, we're going to experience more love.

We don't need FLASHY experiences. We don't need EXTRAORDINARY experiences. Some people think we do.

Maybe my two experiences here were not flashy. I have kinda thought they were.

And, don't forget, I've learned a lot about love from Randy and you!

I had more thoughts, Sally. Maybe someone could be in abject misery and become enlightened. It seems to me I've heard of that happening.

It's fine to have experiences, but not to think we HAVE to have them.

Oh yes, you're explaining this very well, Señora. It could only get better still if we found a way of using even fewer words.

There are Heavenletters that say we can be happy or joyous whether there is a reason for it or not. Through experimentation, I found this to be true. In a quiet moment, if I look for that feeling, it's there, more or less clearly but reliably. This could mean we are made of it. I'm not too sure about the correct name for it. Joy? Happiness? Love? After some time in that state you may get the impulse to start petting the trees, so perhaps calling it love isn't altogether wrong. I prefer a neutral expression like "feeling good".

I walked through the park yesterday in this state of feeling good, a very soft, quiet and spacious kind of joy which sometimes can be kept up to the exclusion of everything else. I walked over endless carpets of golden and amber maple leaves in the sun, clearly aware of where I was and what maple leaves are, when all my knowing gently and completely faded away and there was Oneness or "Nooneness" for a few seconds. After that you go, "Oh!" and then you're back in "reality", of course. It is hard to find words for this. Beautiful? Yes, certainly, but it would need a new definition of beauty. I feel it's a glimpse of what I have always been looking for.

Sally, it seems this really is no big deal at all. But speaking about it, I feel a little stupid because after much, much spiritual practice I have come to be totally opposed to spiritual practice for myself - and is this not another practice I found or invented for myself? It doesn't feel like that, for once you becom aware of the joy or "feeling good" that is simply there because it seems to be what you ARE, it doesn't feel like a technique you apply but like a natural inclination which had only waited to be discovered.

This is all I can say about this at present. It may be a very personal thing, not applicable or adaptable for others. I have a very clear sense of having been prepared for this by Heavenletters. But be this as it may, I felt like responding to Glorias suggestion to describe things that feel "a little out of the ordinary". This sure does.

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