The radio interview yesterday with Heaven Admin and Al Diaz bowled me over. Never was there such an interview.

In just a few minutes, I gained a simple clear straightforward understanding of money. I began to understand how money comes to us and how money may no longer play the role  that it presently does. I wonder if the world's financial wizards have this understanding.

I gained a wider understanding of the meaning and importance of surrender and desire.

I gained insights into the underlying basis of world problems.  It goes deep.

Al asked some great questions, and Santhan had great and simple answers from his soul. And there was more going on in this interview than questions and answers.

Al referred to Santhan's genius as original innocence. Original innocence. Yes. Every word of Santhan's is his own. He isn't remembering something he heard or read. The knowledge comes from deep within. He is an original thinker. There is no ego. None.

There is truth and delight.

How does a thirty-year old have all this great wisdom and goodness of heart?

And this is the man who provides us with this blog and the Heaven website and the sending out of Heavenletters and all the details and the vision.  Wow, how can this be?

And do you know that Santhan ended with reading an excerpt from a Heavenletter! Oh, the happiness in my heart.

If you missed this remarkable show, you can listen to it here:


After you listen in, will you tell us here on this blog what stood out for you, will you?


This Thursday Al is hosting another show with Santhan and several other great speakers. I believe that Santhan will talk about spiritual communities and the Oneness Journey and  the spiritual center he will be building first in Argentina and later on every continent.

This new show with Al, Santhan, and others will air Thursday, January 8, at 8 P.M. Pacific Time.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao or dial in and listen 347-826-7680

God bless us all.


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Senora, I did not get a chance to listen to the show yet, but since I was there, here are some things that stood out for me.

- I enjoyed when Al said he wants to break old ways of thinking. Breaking old ways of thinking is like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon. It's our sincere desire for and acceptance of freedom. Remember Dr Hawkins and Power Vs. Force? The collective consciousness can be entrapping or supportive.
- Simplicity can be profoundly beautiful.
- Surrender brings a natural return to innocence
- That although it may appear sometimes like some big mission, that all of the creation is a play of ideas
- Heavenletters "rock" big time!

I would be happy to read out Heavenletters instead of saying anything else.

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