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In case you didn't know, Stephen is the newest Godwriter™ of all.  He learned to Godwrite™ on June 18 this year in my little apartment.

Stephen to God:

Dear God, this has become an interesting way of opening a door to my heart and allowing You to come in.  I never know what will come.  So in the spirit of leaping into the Unknown and letting You play, what would You like to tell me today?

God to Stephen:

Dear Stephen, I am always with you and it delights me to spend quality time with Me.

It's like the favorite son who comes home to the Father and then goes out on a fishing trip or something of that nature.

The reason you don't always know what to ask Me is that this exercise is a brand new experience for you, but what you are experiencing is the opening of your heart on a deeper and profound level where you are noticing feelings of peacefulness descend over you.

Writing to Me allows you to bypass your mind so that you literally go out of your mind with Me.  This is like going into the zone - similar to when you go on the speaking platform and allow Me to speak through you to the audience.

In a way, Godwriting like this is exercising those "muscles" so that when you are called upon to serve the people as a speaker or writer, you will be easily able to use whatever words that come from Me to the eyes and ears of other people who need to hear the message of love, light, hope and redemption.

This is good training because you are not filtering anything through the ego or preconceived notions.  You were meant to get to this point in your life so that your awareness is more and more centered upon Me.

Another benefit of communicating with Me is that you are feeling or having experiences of inner peace that other people cannot but notice and often comment upon.

Opening this communication not only allows me to bring out your light but it also allows me to wipe the slate clean from past error thinking and illusions and pull back the veil to what is real.

I am delighted to help you with this evolutionary process!

Now, this is Gloria again. One of the many things I love about Godwriting™ is that it is a leveling field. I mean we are equally important to God. Not one of us can claim a better status with God.  He loves us all. To God, we are all equal. We are all His children. We all feel special in His love. We are all equally His favorite! And that is the place God puts us in. This is true equality.

That Stephen is the newest Godwriter doesn't matter. Godwriting is Godwriting. God gives us what He wants to when He does. It's God's writing, not ours. It is nothing we accomplish. It is all God's doing. We are all equal before God. That Stephen, for example, was born deaf doesn't make any difference.

By the same token,  the president of a nation, the wealthiest man in the world, the greatest mind in the world, the greatest spiritual leader,  the greatest beauty is not a better Godwriter than another. To God we are His Beloved, and that's it.

Do you sense this too?



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The truth of what you are saying is matched by its beauty. You do us a service by causing us to reflect on this. Truly, if we are all one, we must all be equal. I know I have spent most of my life thinking thoughts motivated by the mistaken idea that there are hierarchies of goodness and worthiness within the people I experience in this world. I still slide back into this mode of thinking quite easily.

I would just add one more reminder to this wonderful post (as if such a reminder is actually necessary). When God speaks to any of us, He speaks to us all. It is therefore completely in line with His intent when our Godwriting is shared.

Chuck that is just what I was thinking! Everytime I read a blog by gloria, or a comment or Godwriting from someone, there is ALWAYS a phrase or intent that speaks to me. Or could be something I might even be thinking at the same time.
Yes, we are all one.

Yes, indeed we are ONE. No one is singled out - everyone is called but not everyone CHOOSES to hear the call.

God is an equal opportunity granter. He will communicate through anyone who lets Him come through. Isn't that amazing?

I was taught that only the few are chosen for God's work to be carried out.

Not true. The mighty and the meek (so to speak) have equal abilities to carry on a Godwriting conversation. That's definitely something to celebrate as we go into the 4th of July.

Yes, to God we are all equal, we are ONE LOVE, one family under God and with God, we are all walking temples.
Godwriting is Heaven as reading the Godwriting of other children of God. I love this God writing of Stephen, I love them all, so thanks very much for sharing.
big hugs.

Stephen you're a natural!

Beloved Heaven Admin, every single person is!

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