Teeny got caught red-handed

My daughter Lauren wrote:

Tonight, when I got home from work, I could not find Teeny. I heard a commotion in the closet, and this is what I found:


Then he knocked a few more things off the shelf, and then came down.

I think he is a monkey.

Do you see the expression on his face, Lauren!!!  Maybe he was saying:

"What are you doing home so early?"

"Can't you keep this closet neat?"

"You must have the wrong idea -- I wasn't doing anything. "

"Whose closet is this anyway?"

"Time for me to be fed, isn't it?"


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what am I supposed to do all day when I am home alone? I made a fort on the closet shelf. And mama's stuff was in my way.

Teeny, you are absolutely right!

Still, you want to be a good boy for your mama.

Teeny, when are you getting a brother?

Better a female companion. Teeny's a guy right?

From Lauren's research on the matter, girl cats are more difficult to live with!

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