Thank you, Montana!

Before I get to the workshop evaluations from the twenty participants in the Great Falls Godwriting™ workshop, I would like to give you my evaluation of the great Great Falls workshop!

I realize I am fickle. Each workshop is the best. In every Godwriting workshop, I fall in love with God all over again and with each new workshop participant every time. I am no longer faithful to the workshop before. I wish workshops could just be perpetual. I could happily spend my life in the middle of one. Someday I would like to have an advanced workshop of all Godwriters so that we could all meet as one workshop. What power and glory that would be.

I realized in this workshop that one of the blessings of our coming together for this common purpose of Godwriting is to experience greater awareness of Oneness -- Oneness with God, and Oneness with each other.

The Great Falls workshop took place in the Gold Room at the Ursuline Centre, quite a spiritual centre indeed. Once a Catholic Academy, the walls are hung with huge paintings from the Bible. I mean huge. There is one amazing painting of Christ seated. As you walk down the hall, his eyes follow you, and it seems that his body turns to you as well.

The atmosphere, in addition to being spiritual, is lenient. I say lenient because the staff doesn't count the minutes that you are in the room. You can come early to set up and stay as long as you like, all for a very modest fee. Larry and Carol Mauer who sponsored the workshop certainly found a great place to have it.

When the people in this workshop wrote their first question to God, I was impressed because each person spontaneously gave thanks to God for all that He has given them. It was beautiful to hear twenty testaments of gratitude to God.

And the Godwriting from this workshop was beautiful. Godwriting always is. And it’s not that we judge it even to say it’s good, great, wonderful etc. It’s Godwriting, what else could it be! Yet each person’s first Godwriting took my breath way. This Godwriting thing really works!

Montana is known for its warmth and friendliness. It’s really true. The people here are so good to each other, and very good to me.

Larry and Carol are taking me on a tour of Montana for several days. The first day we’re going to Helena, Butte, and to Chico Hot Springs which is close to Yellowstone Park. The next day, Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and more wonderful places. I wish you all could come too. As soon as I get back, I’ll post some blog entries with photos.

The night before I leave Montana, Larry and Carol are having a buffalo roast in Heavenletters' honor. Do you begin to see how great the people in Montana are?

And we're not finished yet.

Thank you, Montana!


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Of course each godwriting meeting is moore beautiful then the other as God is there and you give so much love from him to others. The other partisipants can feel that and all are growing closer to heaven.Wait till you get to Greece,You will be blown away again. What you give out you recieve 10 fold. Love from me to. Jack

I love Montana too and having a God-writing workshop here was a wonderful blessing. I am in the midst of a huge transition in my life and writing God-letters every day gives me peace and a deep knowing that I am on track. It keeps me focused in the right direction to get the job done through a deeper understanding of my oneness with Divine Unity. Thank you, God for being so available for every moment of my life. Just writing this little note fills me with joy and knowing. Doris

"Buffalo Roast"? You're not a vegetarian? Please explain. I do not ask in judgement. My question is sincere.
Kathleen Anderson
Portland, Oregon

Dear Kathleen,

There is no question but that you are asking sincerely. I am hesitant to go into this, because we all have our strong feelings about food. I am just one person like any other person.

I admire people who are vegetarians. I was a tried and true vegetarian for seven years. At the time, I was appalled when someone even would mention eggs!

I stopped being a vegetarian surprisingly when I was in India. Then for years I ate only chicken and fish.

And then somehow I lost all boundaries, though meat is not my mainstay. Fruit and vegetables are.

If I could live up to whatever I wanted to be, I'd probably be a vegetarian. For the pureness, for kindness to animals and all the reasons there are.

On the other hand, I like being ordinary and eating what is offered to me and making it easy for the people I'm with. I tell you that that roasted buffalo was delicious.

Of course, there was plenty of other good food there, and I didn't have to eat the buffalo. No one would have noticed if I did or didn't.

In terms of Godwriting, it doesn't make any difference what I eat. Heavenletters come no matter what.

God has said we don't have to be anything but what we are. He has said we don't have to get dressed up for Him. He likes us just as we are.

God in Heavenletters doesn't seem to make any rules, only to love.

God bless you, Kathleen. You are a brand-new subscriber to Heavenletters, and already you have posted here.

With love and blessings,


"He has said we don’t have to get dressed up for Him. He likes us just as we are."

this is a great sentence, dear MR GOD...

you really know that I like best to be only dressed in a shirt and a lunghi (kind of big shawl)...

all the other dresses often seem to be masks for me...

I love you too just as you are...

and I tell you
the more I translate
the more intimate the talks get
the more I feel to be your child
the more I feel free
the more I love
the more I laugh
the more I smile
the more I get detached...hihihi...

I love you

I don't know how to tag this to the string on "Buffalo Roasts" and vegetarianism, but I just wanted to thank you, Gloria, for your answer to my veggie question. I quit being a vegetarian for a number of years because I got tired of having my life be about food and the anti-social aspect of not being willing to eat whatever my hostess preferred to serve, so I understand what you're saying. Then I was doing it for health; now I primarily do it for the animals. I wouldn't kill my dog and eat her, so why kill a chicken and eat it. I love that quote from George Bernhard Shaw, "Animals are my friends; I don't eat my friends."
Love and Blessings,

Kathleen, you do know how because you did it perfectly!

In todays HeavenLetter, God says that while our bodies sleep, we are awake and in oneness with him. So why do we sometimes have bad dreams?

Dear Kathleen,

Well, certainly we sometimes do have bad dreams.

I wonder how others would respond to your excellent question.

I'm just guessing, dear one, but I imagine there is a layer beneath dreams where we are in supreme contact with God. Sleep must be for more than simply restoring the body. I'd better ask God.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear what others think about this.

Love, Gloria

Dear Kathleen,
I'm sure there are people who'd be more qualified to answer you, but from what I've learned, we live in several dimensions and at various levels at the same time. There are also various levels of dreaming. When we are in the most profound state, we are awake and in oneness with God (actually we always are, but then we start dreaming this life again).
When we start approaching our 'wake' state in this world, our psyche sends us images connected to our daily lives or to something we've seen or something we maybe collected from the collective consciousness.
Personally, I noticed lately that I only dream towards the morning hours and my dreams can be almost always traced back to what happened the day before. Sometimes, when I feel it's significant, I ask my Higher Self to explain the dream, and sometimes I get the answer, sometimes not. Of course, this is only my experience.

God seems to pretty much agree with you, Paula!

God said:

Just as there are levels in day life, at night there are too. Whether asleep or awake, there are layers. Because you have oblivion doesn’t mean that the layers aren’t there. A bad dream is a bad dream. It is surface. Beneath the surface is another story.

The reality is that We are always in intimate communication. Whatever the surface of sleep, whatever the surface of daily life, there is an underlying mutuality.

As you sleep, there is less distraction. It is the body that sleeps and the mind that dreams. Our intimacy is beyond the body and beyond the mind.

A dream is a surface blip that you often remember. That you do not consciously recall Our exquisite Union means only that you don’t recall it. You forget the essential and remember the non-essential. It would be great if you remembered. Whether you remember or not -- it does not affect the validity of Our meeting.

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