Thank you, Michael

Russ Michael, without saying a word to me, wrote to his very well-known spiritual publisher on Heaven’s behalf. Michael RAVED about Heavenletters. There is no other way to say it. RAVED! And only at the point at which the publisher wanted my phone number and Michael had to get it from me, did Michael let me in on it. Where do such fine caring people come from?

Here’s just a little sample of what Michael said to his publisher:

Each Heavenletter is filled with a wisdom and knowledge that a reader knows can come only from a Mind like the Mind of God--and each is filled with heart and most delightful poetic metaphors that stir both the depths and heights of mind and soul.

And here's some of what Michael wrote to me:

May there be a constant ongoing STREAM of a BOOK SERIES of Heavenletters. I want to see a good million -- in fact --several million -- HeavenLetter readers soon!!!!!!!

I am dazed by the goodness that surrounds Heavenletters. I have to wonder where the “bad" people are who create wars, steal, lie, cheat etc. I have to wonder where they are because I have never seen them. Have you? Where are they?

It is so clear that Heavenletters is surrounded with people who give rather than take, people who care about goodness and helping others in every way they can, and who think only of sharing, never competing.

Really, how many people who are negotiating with a publisher over their own book would go out on a limb to tell their publisher about someone else’s book? Has this ever happened before? I would like to think it has. And that there will be more of it, and that it will incredible every time.

Michael also mentioned to his publisher that “Gloria is, of course, modest."

Well, I’ll tell you, God makes sure of that. God keeps me in my place as He must. God speaks of me in the glowing terms of “Gloria, His typist, His typewriter!"

But wait, there is also that spectacular moment when He said kindly: “Gloria, you are like a donkey or an ox who pulls a cart!"

It is understood that God knows whereof He speaks, and could He have made it plainer? Actually, I can picture myself like that, being loaded up with a Heavenletter day by day, and going around delivering them, over and over again.

But now, let’s get back to Michael, who is one of Heaven’s heroes. He also said to his publisher:

I am using a synthesis of material for my new book, Soulmates & Twin Rays, from a dozen very high caliber channels and telepaths---- at least ten HeavenLetters in their entirety firm up the pertinent points I’ve made in various chapters.

A hardback book of Heavenletters can get a good public pre-launch headstart via the publication of Soulmates & Twin Rays, as the Heavenletter material SPEAKS FOR ITSELF and will be enthralling to my book readers, I know.

(Michael, by the way, is the author who first coined the phrase soul mate.) I wonder if Michael, who is also modest, has any idea of how much he has enriched my heart.

Here's how Michael signs his emails:

Much, much love from my heart and soul... I AM Michael

Michael doesn’t have a web site, but he does send out a newsletter, Michael Worldwide Newsletter.

And not only does Michael publish a Heavenletter every day, he highlights line after line of each Heavenletter, and often writes a beautiful comment about them. At the top of his daily newsletter, he includes this quote from Heavenletters:

“I would have you be silent rather than speak one word that does not raise the vibration of the world."

And Michael lives that quote. By word and deed, he raises the vibration of the world.

Thank you, Michael.

I AM Gloria, thanking you, Michael.


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How nice it is to read about people collaborating and supporting each other in sharing God's words. As a loyal Heavenletter reader, I am looking forward to reading Russ Michael's new book.

Madelaine, how wonderful to see a note from you!

God bless you, dear one.

With love, Gloria


I back up what Michael says 100%. I came here today, searching from your newsletter, because it was on my heart, how God is most definitely writing through you. How do I know? Well, here's one little simple answer. I'm a writer, and I war with what many other writers war - writer's block at times. And day in and day out, every single day you produce the most inspiring writing, that touches and quickens the soul!

Thank you, again, and again, again for "pulling that cart" dear!!

My love to you - God bless!

In His Joy,
Seqkat >^..^

Dear Seqkat,

Thank you. When I read the messages that come every day, I am amazed. There was nothing in my life to prepare me for this, dear one.

The easiest writing of all is Godwriting. A side benefit of Godwriting is that my own writing goes more easily. Sometimes I don't have to rewrite at all! Of course, sometimes I still have the writing war you speak of, and sometimes I toss out what I have written altogether.

Andre Gide wrote: "Art is the collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better."

Blessings and love,


The easiest writing of all is Godwriting.

I beg of you to give me Russ Michael's mail adress as i want to ask him some questions...please!!!!!!!!!

That's easy, Dedu Elena. Here it is:

Russ Michael (

How did you find this blog? Would you like the energy and upliftment of a Heavenletter a day? Say Yes!

With love and blessings,


Please send me the plume of violet flame offered and thanku for your service to the Light :)

Please send me the plume of violet flame offered and thank you for all that you are and do..... with Love.... Helma

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