The Divine and the human

The Divine and the human are such a contradiction -- I seem to be incapable of reconciling them.

When I read over a Heavenletter or see a quote from Heavenletters™ somewhere, I am so impressed with the simplicity, wisdom, and love that falls off the page right into my heart.

The biggest wonder is that somehow, by some quirk of fate -- or is it faith? -- I happen to take dictation from God and type up what He says! Is this true? Can it be? It hasn't sunken in yet.

Every time it hits me that Heavenletters™ are words that God gave me to write down, I am sort of stunned. I cannot relate to it. I cannot reconcile this.

I feel like Bilbo in the The Hobbit. As I remember it, while Bilbo is in his little Hobbit house, having his Elevenses (his snack at 11 a.m. ) an X was being chalked on his front door.  Later, when so many strangers who are going on a journey come into Bilbo's house and expect him to disturb his routine and go with them, he is certain they have come to the wrong place. Certainly he isn't going to leave his creature comforts and warm house and go on an adventure. Certainly, a mistake was being made.

It's twelve years or more that every day, seven days a week, Heavenletters™ have been written down. I blink my eyes and don't fully fathom it. I often don't believe it. Every time I think of it, I am astonished.

I understand very well that it is not for me to take credit for Heavenletters, and I don't. That is not the issue.

The issue is the contradiction. My focus is too often on something the body wants to eat, or a thought like what clothes will I throw on today or what will I grab for lunch or why don't I, for Heaven's sake, wash the dishes and straighten out my office? And yet dishes may wait in the sink, and I look aghast at my office while I don't move a finger to straighten it.

Why is it that I can't balance a check book? not even try any more? How come I overdo on peaches and let something else slide?  At the very least, my office ought to be pristine, shouldn't it?

I am immersed in God and yet I am also immersed in the relative, not even the big matters of the relative but the little things of the relative. How can it be that the Hand that gives me the words of Heavenletters™ every day doesn't make me Godly?

Why is it so easy to write down a Heavenletter and so hard to get myself to make the room that Heavenletters are written in immaculate? I'm thinking it must have something to do with my relationship to space.

Through it all, I simply am unable to reconcile the human with the Divine. It's an impossibility.

Do you experience this too? Is this what's meant by the human condition?


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I certainly experience it. But feeling at variance with the divine is not the human condition. Not feeling all right with ourselves is. For a time. Until it ends.

"As glorious as am I, as glorious are you. This is what you don't get."

We will get it, of course, ending the notion that we need to  b e c o m e  something first. Then, if we really prefer a tidy office space, keeping it tidy will simply happen. If it's not our own true value, we will stop griping about it and live in the mess happily. "Nor do dogs foist the world's values onto themselves."

Not getting our gloriousness runs deep in everyone I know, grim ones and smiling ones alike. Every negative feeling about ourselves, even the slightest discontent with ourselves (not to speak of health problems, money problems, relationship problems), is evidence of not getting it. "You have perhaps demanded too much from yourself ... When you fall short, you may feel contempt for yourself that you haven't lived up to your ideal."

It's always just thoughts, thoughts about what should be, thoughts that are wrong by their very nature, thoughts that we use to deny ourselves simple at-oneness with ourselves.

"... you don't exactly have mercy on yourself. You, who do not expect enough, are, at the same time, over-demanding, impossible to please, way too hard on yourself ... you have been a slow learner when it comes to accepting yourself ..."

So it's about accepting myself no matter what, whether I feel deserving of it or not. Accepting myself, I wouldn't dream of rejecting anyone nor what they do or say. It's simply not possible, the same way it's not possible for God. Accepting myself, longing to unconditionally accept myself, is simply chosen in obedience to God; then it is leaned into; then patiently waited for. All our lives, to a greater or lesser extent, have been about withholding fulfillment from ourselves. Asking why is useless. Choosing differently at some point is the only thing that makes sense.

Being all for yourself is very different from selfishly serving yourself. It can be felt that being all for yourself, if you allow yourself to get into it as a sort of preview for a moment, is what is called love and God and freedom and oneness etc. It's being "as glorious as am I".

(All quotations from HL #3915)

Ah, beloved Jochen, I see. God's Diadem, a Heavenletter from just a few days ago addressed this very thing. I love how you find the perfect quotes. And I would do well to read Heavenletters more carefully and again and again.

On the other hand, I have to have something to write about on the blog! If I were perfect, what would I talk about?!!!

Loving you,


True, I tend to overlook the little daily necessities ⁀‿⁀

Dearest Gloria, Does it matter if your office is untidy? H.L. goes out every day does it not and that is Devine at work. Do you feel uncomfortable in your untidy workshop? Not really? so why bother? Mieke gets at me often about my untidyness, but we are still very happy together inspite of the untidy desk, if it gets that bad it annoys me I do something about it. Untill such time I am comfortable and Happy. God never tells me to be tidier only to love more and more SO LOTS OF LOVE Jack

God sees no separation between the Divine and His Creation. He's actually so much in awe at what undefinable beauty emerged from Him. He loves untidy offices and unwashed dishes.

Some years ago in a dream, I felt I wish to see God or feel His presence.I sensed that someone was telling me:you are not far.Since then, I have been thinking and searching, even looking for God.My soul has been hungry and thirsty of God.Today, even though I am not so satisfied with myself, however I am satisfied with God´s ways and thoughts.I love the Bible. Nevertheless I believe that God speaks to each one of us personally in accordance to His will.Inspite of all religiosity, my conception of God has been wrong. We need this intimacy with the One who loves us in a real sense of love.Gloria, we glorify God for His love and care.

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