The Garden of Eden Regained

This is the Heavenletter™  that I told you about in the blog entry called Godwriting Moments.  This was written November 24, 2008.

God said:

Imagine that you carry the globe of the world. Your arms encircle it. You carry the world in your arms.

Now imagine yourself being birthed by this world you carry. You are the mother or father of the Earth, and you also arise from within it. The world is your child, as it were, and you are the Earth’s child. You are definitely a Child of Earth. From Heaven, you were Earth-born, and you give birth to the world. The world is not independent of you, beloveds. You are at the least a contributor, and you are also participant. You and the world fund each other. You ride the bicycle of life on Earth together. The world pedals, and you pedal, and so you keep up with each other. You catch up. The world reflects you, and you reflect the world. Which came first, you or the world?

You, beloveds. You came first.

We can say that the Garden of Eden was the first world. Doubt crept in like a serpent. Thoughts became identified with the person who had them. Personal thoughts caught on. Thoughts went every which way. Commotion was born. Sense of aloneness grew. For fear of being evicted, people left the Garden of Eden, and invented a world of dissension, partly from fear and partly for the fun of it.

The Garden of Eden still exists. It is still thought of. It is yearned for. Mistakes were made, and mistakes did not want to be admitted to. And so frustration grew, and there became countries and warring ones at that. It was all a cover-up. The cover-up in the Garden of Eden had to do with error not the innocent body.

And so solid Earth became rocky.

Although there are many dimensions of the mind, the mind landed itself in a land where strife can exist and be made much of. Departments of strife of one kind or another were set up. Departments of Justice, for instance. Strife was honored as if it were real and mattered more than life itself. Honored more than love. Honored as proof that strife was needed. Laws took the place of consciousness. Consciousness was downplayed, sometimes outright forgotten, as if strife were real and consciousness a concept not highly regarded when it was, all along, and is, right now, the view from which life is seen.

Requirements were made, and love was pushed aside. Instead of freedom in the world, control was mandated. There were regulations about many irreverent things. Dogs had to be licensed. Wealth became money. Money became worth.

Everything had to be laid out in such a way that everyone had to follow it. All kinds of slippery-slidey boundaries were made. Laws became like playing the saxophone. They were moved up and down according to the song being played and the discretion of the ones playing the song. Confusion and havoc came about. Dimensions of human life arose, and there were the ins and there were the outs, and seldom did the twain meet.

Even so, there was no stopping love. Love found every corner to rest in. Love gained a reputation, and more and more people remembered love and recognized it in their Being. They propagated love. They gardened love no matter what else they were doing. They nurtured love, and they planted seeds of it. They loved the seeds and what they would become. Little by little, due to love abounding, the Garden of Eden grew again until finally all recognized where they were. All exulted in the return and revival of Earth as it was when it was the first yield of Heaven commonly known as the Garden of Eden. It became obvious.

Pretty soon boundaries were taken down. Truth reigned, and cover-ups were dethroned, and the next morning when all the people woke up, they rubbed their eyes and once again knew without doubt that they were living in the Garden of Eden.


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How can it be that there are no comments on this Heavenletter!

What can you comment when everything is said by God Himself?!

This Heavenletter gives in a nutshell all the story of humanity, the beginning, the past, the present... and the future. And as all the rest is true, even the future must be true, and so there is hope that it will be wonderful.

I've always been saying to people, who say these Letters are superficial and lacking substance, that it only seems so. Every time I read a Letter, I'm surprised by the simplicity and ease with which God expresses the most profound truths. Who else but God could describe all the story of humanity in such a few clear and loving words?

I think this Letter would make a wonderful video on YouTube.

Dear Gloria,
I was wondering the same as I kept reading this Heavenletters again and again. I am astonished at hearing that there are people telling Paula that these letters are "superficial and lacking subsance". To me, and I am not an illiterate, they are of the highest philosophical and theological content and, in the form, they have the musicality of poetry. We have not been casted from Heaven, but for fear and for fun we decided to part, paying an high tribute to our chosen individuality. From differentiacion contrast was born. From contrast laws and boundaries were set. For the first time I hear God saying that some mistake was made and not admitted. As I intended this heavenletter will be published in february 2009 and God seems speaking from a slightly different level. He is stretching us, we must be flexible. Thank you for publishing it now.

Indeed. Thank you! Like Paula, I've had people state these are too simplistic. I state that Godde has no need to be complicated. A rule when writing technical instructions is the more complex the subject, the simpler the writing should be. I agree with Emilia as well. The simple, poetical way Godde speaks feeds us spiritually on whatever level we are at at the time. Because I keep growing spiritually, when I reread a Heavenletter, one that I may have already read several times, I barely remember it. Every time I reread a Heavenletter, I receive a deeper meaning, a clarification, a confirmation, a comfort, a new way of looking at something going on in my life ... sometimes a phrase or paragraph nearly leaps off the page.

Always, without fail, something in me is charged or changed or released thanks to Godde's word.

I love you all, and I love all your caring so very much and everything you say.

I, too, have to say I don't understand how anyone could not love Heavenletters. At the same time, I've been around long enough to know that not everyone does. Of course, people are free to love or not love Heavenletters. No one is obliged to read them, yet maybe tomorrow they will like them! I give credit to anyone who gives them a shot.

Of course, I always loved them and love them again and again, and I am so grateful for them.

Yet, in the two recent radio shows, I mentioned how at the beginning of Heavenletters, I was a little embarrassed, sort of, because Heavenletters were so simple. I remember God was saying a lot, "I am here. I am here. I am here." Three little words, one syllable each!

I did come to appreciate those three little words and how powerful they are, and I am so grateful for them now.

Heavenletters are published in many ezines and newsletters that publish many other spiritual writing. I mention this because many times the other spirtual writings deal with sensational flashy subjects like U.F.O's, Lemuria, Atlantis etc. In contrast, Heavenletters would seem simplistic.

But, of course, those other writings seem unimportant and uninteresting to me. They must serve a purpose too -- and yet I don't read THEM!

To each his own. What's food for the goose isn't for the gander, etc.

Loving you,


"I am here. I am here. I am here."

Many times I have thought, "Oh, yeah?" Or snorted with indignation. And then some day, suddenly, you find your keyboard and everything around it drenched in tears before you even become aware that something huge and soft has hit you.

So this may not be about gosse and gander but about goose one day and goose another. And no one knows the day for anyone. Only that it will come.

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