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As director of Global Village School in Ojai, California, I recently had the opportunity to host Nepali teacher and visionary, Chintamani Yogi. Yogi Ji visited us as part of his six-week tour around the U.S. He shared chanting, stories, and reflections; told of his work in Nepal; and left everyone with much food for thought. His presentation truly did take place in ‘sacred space.’ There was such a special loving feeling in the room. It was a magical evening.

Yogi-Ji has had ample opportunity to reflect on educational strategies during his 25 year tenure at HVP, during which time enrollment has grown from seven students to 1,200 students. He has come to the conclusion that the kind of education a child receives matters a great deal. Truly engaging and informative education needs to value culture. Education that does not address a student’s culture takes learning out of context, which makes it difficult for the child to relate information to their daily lives or to value their own traditions.

Yogi Ji also reflected on how his perception of the US has changed during his trip across the country. He spoke of how he saw a different America – very different from the way most Nepalese see the U.S. So many dream of coming to the U.S., imagining that life is like what they may have seen in movies: money and Manhattan. Yogi Ji said they would be amazed to see people practicing yoga in places like the Sacred Space Studio.

Mr. Yogi also met with staff at Krotona and the Ojai Foundation, where he found many parallels to his own vision of service, sustainable living, and creating community mindfully. He stated that, “All the good people whom I met here have touched my heart. I feel a great joy and satisfaction. All the good people have broadened my vision and energized me a lot; their love has become like a blessing for me.


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I have found that as I get older I meet more and more people that are rich from the heart,which i find so very encouraging. I hear and read about the undisciplined youth but i meet so many beautiful youth through my grandchildren that I believe there is much more positive than negative motives about. Besides what others do is no concern of mine, insofar as my happiness goes and I endeavor to spread love as much and as far as I can. Each has his/her live to live to the best of their abilities and that is no concern to anyone else as themselves. Lots of love light and blessings. Jack

I am in agreement with Ms.Carless in regards to education today. So much of what is taught in public schools in America is memorization by rote of information that can easily be accessed nowadays by internet, or from a book (!) at any given time. But to actually learn something that has value and be able to apply it usefully to one's life endeavor seems to be more important than just getting a passing grade to enter the workaday world where competition for the almighty dollar is the only incentive.
My 17 year old daughter is college bound and I am encouraging her to attend the school that appeals to her heart, as well as her mind. I am so gratefully thankful to be able to read and write and thank all my teachers that I had in school, no matter what circumstances my classmates and I were thrown into (some of which were not very conducive to learning!)
When I attended beauty school, our director, a very Patrician woman with some bearing told us that when you think you know everything, you're like a dead branch on a tree. But when you're still green, you're fresh and still living and learning, (and hopefully, loving.)
Thank you for the space to let me post my thoughts. All the best to you HeavenLetter subscribers, and a big kiss and hug to Ms. G.

I have enjoyed very much this entry about Chintamani Yogi! Nepal being Never Ending Peace And Love is most beautiful! Many many thanks for this entry!
A dear hug!

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