The Little Book

There was a little book that a dear friend loaned me in 1998 or 99.  It was entitled You and I translated from the French Lui et Moi. I forget the name of the author now.

This little book played a part for me in Godwriting™.

It was very simple. Basically, the writer would talk to Jesus and say how she was not worthy of his love. And basically, Christ would write back and say, "Yes, you are."

Each entry was very very short. Despite its being so short, it was fascinating.

Instead of my being humbled, I thought: "Well, I can certainly do better than this."

And so this little book played its bit part in the beginning of Godwriting.

You know that I do personal Godwriting every day. I never said, as the author of the little book did, that I was unworthy, though I certainly marvel to this day how all my good fortune came to me.

But I always did tell God all my troubles, all the insignificant things that seemed to take over my life. I even told Him my computer woes!

Now I find I don't want to tell God my troubles. Maybe it's that I can't anymore.

I still have insignificant things that trouble me, but God has said: "Would you complain to Me?" Of course, I had done a lot of just that.

In a recent Heavenletter,  God said that the difference between the Great Ones and most of us is that the Great Ones let go of their pettiness. How I would love to do that.

When troubles were all I had to tell God, I found that I resisted doing personal Godwriting. It wasn't joy for me. But, of course, how could it be joy when moaning and groaning are such a low vibration?

And so now what is my personal Godwriting like? Very simple and very short. Mostly I say something I am glad and grateful for, and God does the same.  Kinda reminiscent of that little book.

Now I am content to do as well as Lui et Moi.


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Somehow it feels like complaining to God is divinely therapeutic and healing. When the healing is done, no more therapy required.

Sweet Gloria,

To me (and at least 1000 “mes”...see below)Heavenletters is MOST important because it is you Gloria, a feminine voice, telling us God's Ways and Words. This is evolution Big Time!!

I cannot even begin to explain how important I believe Heavenletters are to the world. The concept is magnificent and the “cutting edge” of Reality Now...of course...considering God as Source!!

Over the years I have had innumerable (and that's an understatement!!) conversations with God when He/She was abetting me through my own personal journey through the history of “belief in God” in various cultures. These conversations mostly ended with me telling God...”Well God, I know that if there is me...there are at least 1000 'mes'...Where do we go from here??” It seemed like a “dead-end” street. What was written was written...and sacred.

I am here to say...God responds to dilemmas!! Thank you God for Heavenletters...and thank You for the “envelope” they come in!! (Thank you, Gloria!!)

And Gloria, you can tell me and your other friends all about the “pettiness” . It's really just “little stuff”... I know you know that. However, we will do our best to make you laugh!! BECAUSE...

“Do you see now why it is incumbent upon you to be happy? Your happiness is of great service to the universe. It takes your mind off the inconsequential.”
Heavenletter # 2106
A Silken Sand to Walk On


Oh One, you are so wise, I love all your comments. Yes after the healing the therapy might no longer be required, but Thank you God would be appropriate, till you finaly realise you done it all yourself. Love you ALL Jack

Beautiful beautiful postings! I am in awe of the love and wisdom that you all post.

You give such cheer!

And, Bonnie, thanks for another great quotation for the calendar book!

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