The Relative World

Really, how relative is the world we live in. Standards and customs vary from one culture to another and from one time to another.

There is a group of native people I saw on the National Geographic Society channel who have a thick piece of wood piercing through beneath their lower lip. The wood pulls their lower lip way down. This is how it is in their society. To them it must be natural and beautiful. To us, it would be abhorrent.

I saw a little review of musicals in the 30's. The modern day commentator called the chorus girls chubby. They were not chubby. They just weren't the skinny skinny chorus girls demanded today.

A decorating show called House Hunters  shows people going through a house they are looking at with the intention to buy. Time after time, the properties have five bedrooms and three baths, and the potential buyers get stuck on the fact that the master -- meaning master bedroom -- is too small.

In other parts of the world -- and to many in America too, including me -- this is ridiculous.

If you remember, Peace Pilgrim who walked across the United States in the name of peace by herself and in trust and gratitude to God, was elated to find a cardboard box to sleep in under a bridge and so not freeze to death.

We all live in the same Universe, and yet there are cultures within cultures, and how different are the worlds we live in.

And that's the relative for you.


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What about at the level of individual perception? The world one person may see may be a different universe when compared to her neighbor.

If I drew a circle and called the circumference the world and put a dot in the center of the circle, calling it our common point of reference, relativity would fade away as we move closer to the center, looking at the world from a similar depth.

You are so right, One. Even within the same family, there are varied universes.

And yet, even so, closer to the dot, our Oneness shines.

And though We Are One there is still room for differences and variations... none of us is wrong or right... there is only What Is

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