The Signs of the Times

There is a newly-written Heavenletter in which God speaks of the blessing of our appreciation and how the world will blossom from even a little appreciation of ours.

This made me think of what I happened to see on the news the other night.

The President Elect was arriving in Washington, D.C., by train as President Lincoln had.

The press interviewed some of the people who were there to welcome the train and Obama and Biden and their families.

One lady from Arkansas stood out for me. She said something like this to the interviewer: "I am grateful for all the people who voted for Obama and I am grateful for all the people who did not. I am thankful for all the black people and I'm thankful for all the white." She went on and on. This lady was grateful for everything!

What touched me most of all is when she said: "I am thankful for all the people who worked hard to lay these tracks that this train came in on."

That made me sit up and think. When had I ever thought of being grateful to all those who worked hard and whose work now contributes to our lives and our world? I never did. I never thought about it at all.

I am now.

Since I'm referring to the news, were you as touched as I was at the news calling the safe landing of every passenger on the flight that landed in the Hudson River a miracle! Since when was the last time the news talked about miracles in a sincere tone? I don't remember once.

It would appear that we are seeing the dawning of a new world, and even the major news media is proclaiming it.


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Yes!! Thank you GOD, for all you have given us. My House and garden,my beautiful wife and children. Gloria and her team. That give me a spiritual boost every morning. And thank you for this new Day.I will walk with you dear God and Thank you for letting me. All Is beautiful and I love all of you as well. Have a Fun day Jack

Yup, I'm seeing this too. The other day I heard the word love mentioned so many times on the radio. There was even a commercial that used to the word love to advertise their product. Amazing!

Yes, we are well into the dawn of a new era.

Gratitude, love and faith ... an awesome trinity. We were glued to the TV as it was happening, praying for the safety of all aboard. On a popular morning show the day after the plane landed in the river, we watched an interview of a couple with their two young children. She was a nervous flyer. Due to a mixup, the husband and daughter (about 3 or 4) were in different seats than the mom and baby. The man seated next to her immediately made her feel comfortable and safe--he told her he had five children, had been on lots of flights, some scary, that everything would be all right. When the plane was coming down, he kept his calm and kept telling her that everything would be okay. He then took the baby from her to brace him for impact. She had such trust in him. It felt like he was her angel. It was the most heartwarming story.

It seems the pilot of that plane also flies gliders, which contributed greatly to his being able to control the plane in such a way. He also went up and down the aisles TWICE to make sure everyone was off the plane before exiting.

I believe I heard that the first ferry to respond was there within 3 minutes. Everyone was a hero that day.

I also wanted to comment on the gratitude demonstrated by the woman from Arkansas. She does sound like Jack, doesn't she? Such a wonderful example of how to be. It's more important than ever to live in the NOW. To look around NOW and be grateful for what is in our lives in the moment. This is my only way of making it through from day to day. That and having faith that all is as it should be and that all is well. I love that the woman who was interviewed extended her gratitude right down to the railroad tracks and recognized the workers who create the means for train to pull into that station.

This is a very exciting day. Right now, the TV is on showing the crowds and the enthusiasm they are showing at being there to mark this great day in history.

It is the dawn of a new day. I know this is turning into a long post, but I do have a story to share about how Godde works and how things are changing. Nearly a year ago, I met a pastor and his wife to discuss partnership for a nonprofit project we wanted to start. They already had all the paperwork, we had a program that would fit in with what they were already doing.

Being spiritual but not at all religious, I really had no interest in their church. However, we quickly became friends and so I felt I should attend a service just to be polite. They knew I lived some distance from there (about 30 miles), so they weren't expecting what was to come any more than I was.

I had what Gloria would call an "experience." This was not a whisper from Godde. This was a SHOUT, a 2x4, a full-blown Holy Ghost experience.

To back up a bit, I am a Caucasian who lives in a rural area. This is a small, mostly African-American, inner-city church. As pastor says often, though, there is no color in that church--only spirit.

Shortly after that, I joined the church. Then pastor was voted in as president of the Inter-Denominational Ministerial Alliance (a fellowship of inner-city pastors). His vision was to take this from a group of all-male African-American clergy to including women (which quickly happened) and all inner-city clergy--White, Hispanic, whatever.

I helped with the meetings, though I was not part of the group. By doing so, when the Secretary of the Board resigned due to other commitments, they voted ME in! I am one of the first women members and the VERY FIRST white woman VOTED IN on the board!!! WOW!

Although I am pretty proud of myself, I am most proud that this OPENED THE DOOR--the vision of my pastor is coming true.

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