The Truth about Nurse Lauren

I want to be sure you have the whole picture re Lauren and the care she gives me. It's time for me to allay all hearts and set you straight. She is the best daughter in the world and the finest caretaker a mother with a broken shoulder could ever have. No one has ever had better care.

Here are many of the things she helps me with daily:

Showers and dresses me.

Washes clothes for me.

Straps on the immobilizer (not an easy task)

Scratches itches where I can't.

Yes, unscrews lids.

Opens cans of coconut milk for me.

Picks up anything that is too heavy for my left hand.

Food-shops for me again and again, and often gets it right!

Goes to the library for me.

Fixes the covers.

Tucks me in.

Worries about me.

Praises me when I don't scream.

I hope I didn't leave too much out.

Now I will tell you some of the extras.

As you know, this immobilizer thing keeps my arm glued across me very tightly.  The doctor cautioned that my underarm could easily get thrush and that I must be sure to wash my underarm three times a day, blow dry, and put a cotton sock under my arm to absorb moisture.

I must tell you, because of the pain, to get in under my arm is no joke, let alone three times a day. I wouldn't do it. No way.

Nurse Lauren to the rescue.

First she thought of tea tree oil. Once a day, she pours some into my hand, and I am able to sneak some into the crevice under my arm. Then she made some special powder for me from cornstarch and essential oils -- Rosewood and grapefruit I think. She pours this powder into my hand and I am cautiously able to slip the powder in -- of course, spilling a lot on the bathroom floor.

She couldn't find 100% cotton socks so she bought me some 100%  bamboo socks which are supposed to be more absorbent than cotton anyway. I bravely squeeze one in.

And all this works!

Lauren also goes to the doctor visits with me. We went yesterday. The doctor gave me a bunch of exercises to do, none of which I could have remembered. I get somewhat tongue-tied with doctors and don't always speak up for myself.  Look, he gave me five exercises to do, three of which required using varied instruments of torture. Good grief, how could I possibly remember.

Once again, Lauren to the rescue. "Doctor," she said, "don't you have a list of these exercises on a sheet of paper you can give us?"

The good doctor didn't, but he sat down and wrote them all out, thanks to Lauren, and I can now have some confidence that I'm doing the exercises right.

Now Nurse Lauren isn't a saint. She is, however, awfully close. I am so grateful. What do people do who don't have a daughter?


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My wife is a phychiatric nurse. oldest daughter doing her PHD in Pain 2nd daughter is a nurse in intensive care and the other in oncology so am I looked after? I do not even need looking after as yet. Then I have a sun and daughter in law who look after the garden and our youngest is coming back this year from The U.S. to look after all the electronic gadgets. Yes I am happy and in Love will All Jack

Gloria dear,
what a blessing dear Lauren is ! My younger son, Emanuele, 14 did really good. it was a big change for him but his gentle heart always ready to help came fully to the surface. He does many household things, even some cooking, I'don't like to fuss and so I just let him do things his own way. I only had to stop him once or twice when I heard the repeated click of trying to get the gas oven on !!!! It is a positive change I feel.
On the other hand I made some interesting observations, people I thought would be near weren't so much and others I thought would not were very near and so it is perfect, God always arranges for everything. It is food for thought also, further to thankfulness and gratitude.

Much much love and a big big hug to you and Lauren !!♥

What a marvelous son you have. God bless him.

Your interesting observations remind me of other times that I noticed the same thing. Not this time, however.

And look how your gratitude is greater, beloved Berit. That says a lot about you.

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