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Heavenreaders are so fine. You. You are.  You touch my heart. You touch my heart by the comments you post on the forum and this blog, the extent of your wisdom and your love, your openness, and the example of giving you are and the example you are of asking nothing in return but to love God.

I am often blown away. I am the farthest thing from blase. And I well know that the words you write are meant for God, and are from God as well.  That doesn't stop me from taking great joy in what you give to God.

Recently, a subscriber wrote:

Heavenletters™  have inspired me. Thank you seems inadequate. We often read your letters at the study group I go to in Sacramento and also the S.F. East Bay area because Heavenletters and The Way of Mastery complement each other perfectly. I have been reading my copy of Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, at night before I go to sleep, and it is now a part of my spiritual practice. Thank you for the gift and for the commitment to be a conduit. As my dear friend says to me…”you conduit!" Thank you for your commitment to serving the Voice for Love. In love and gratitude, Tina

I love the idea of people sharing Heavenletters™. And how happy God must be. Tina, I have to mention how much I adore, " conduit!"

Tina's study group is based on The Way of Mastery, The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing.

And Tina is right.  The Way of Mastery and Heavenletters have much the same Voice, the same Truths.  Both are from a Voice of Love.


You may know that I want to travel light in life, and, since Heavenletters,  I am mostly unable to read other spiritual writings -- as good as they may be -- I can't seem to read spiritual books any more. I am aware that I don't want to be influenced by other works, and I don't want to find myself comparing Heavenletters up or down.

And, yet, when Tina offered to send me The Way of Mastery, I said a resounding Yes.

The writing is beautiful. The book itself is a treasure. It is a powerful holy book.

Here are a few wonderful excerpts. These excerpts are about ego -- one of God's "favorite" subjects! I let the Way of Mastery web site do my groundwork for me and took these quotations from the website:

Egoic consciousness is fear-full consciousness. The ego is fear.

I can attest to that. Is there one of us unfamiliar with the fear ego instills?

You must decide to live as if you were not the ego.

What a wonderful way to put it. Yes, we must. We must decide, and, please, God, may we succeed.

I have shared with you many times that it is the egoic mind that compares and contrasts. Therefore, never compare or contrast your experience with another person’s. Yours is unique.

Haven't we done enough of that? Oh, yes, let's be done with it.  No more judging.

Here's one more quotation, and this one blew me away:

The very energy of seeking is the egoic energy. For only the ego can seek. Pure Spirit can only extend. And there is a huge difference.

Wow, this is dynamite! It reminds me of the years when I blatantly sought enlightenment. I didn't only seek -- I FOUGHT for enlightenment.  I was going to take enlightenment by the neck, make it mine, my possession, and never let it go, as if enlightenment could be a possession I own.

I suppose now it could be said that I seek to be done with ego. I wonder, do I take pride in that? Oh, dear. Too much attention on myself.

Tina, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift and your extra gift and for your appreciation of all that is true.

Tina, there is no ego in you. None whatsoever.

With love and blessings,



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it is now years that I listen to the audio version of The Way of Mastery. I absolutely fell in in love with it from the very first time I heard it. it is to me, the most powerful, loving, sweet and pure message I have received from God.

"I come not to teach you, but to love you. I come not as your saviour but only as your brother and friend."

Thank you Gloria for this amazing post, when I saw the title my heart jumped in joy. thank you Tina !!

Hi Gloria and Berit and Tina. Yes...All of the WOM material is beautiful and a pure Divine is HL. Love and blessings to all of you. Jim and Jimi.

There are many beautiful and Divine voices out there. Some stand out to us individually and make a mark on our lives.

The part you forgot to mention Gloria, is how we connected. I had read a Heavensletter that was supporting what we were learning that week in our group study of the The Way of Mastery. I forwarded it to the faciltators of our group from my Blackberry with a message that said this Heavenletter is perfect for that weeks lesson in TWOM.
Unbeknownst to me the e-mail went to Gloria and not to the facilitator (techno-chsllenged). Gloria wrote back asking who I meant it for and what is TWOM. I felt compelled to send her the book and thus began a beautifully loving friendship. I have loved the Heavensletters book she sent me and I read it daily, and sometimes multiple times a day. This work has accelerated my growing capacity to recieve love. It has changed my life tremendously and is continuing to bring me deeper in to Loves presence each day. Thank you my dear friend for being a spiritual warrior.

Beloved Tina, I think we have to get one of those sandwich boards, and on one side it says The Way of Mastery and on the other side it says Heavenletters, and we'll have you walk all over the world bringing so many people to God.

What a generous spirit you have. How lovely of you to embrace a Heavenletter into The Way of Mastery study group. You really help me to know that we are One, you and I and every One of us. It is beautiful being alive in the world today with such beautiful people as you and Karl and Jan who take care of the WOM web site and all the Heavenreaders who share their full hearts as well. There is, indeed, One God, and there is no separation among us. We are surrounded by angels, Tina, and I'm talking about Earth Angels!

I love how God got us together, Tina! Who but God could have figured it this way?! Incidentally, I am technically challenged as well!

What's our next chapter, beloved Tina!

Any chance you'll email me a photo of you so I can keep it in view?

I love how God got us together, Tina! Who but God?

God bless you.

All my love,


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