There Is a Song in My Heart

What a beautiful world we live in that has all of you in it.

I know what God means when He says in Heavenletters™ that He is heaping blessings upon us. You are the blessings.

I am in a daze at the marvelousness that meets me at every corner. (Well, yes, of course, I have some of the other stuff too, but what does that amount to next to all the wonderfulness?)

Yesterday I was privileged to listen in to the radio show with Santhan (Heaven Admin) and Al Diaz.

After four years of being surrounded by Heaven Admin's goodness and intelligence, I certainly have known how brilliant and wonderful he is.  Heaven Admin was once a big surprise to me, and I was agog, but that was a long time ago.

And, yet, when I listened in on the radio show yesterday, I was amazed all over again. What a treasure we have here. I always knew that, but now I know it again with a bang.

Wait until you hear Heaven Admin's voice, his joyousness, the love he radiates, all the brilliance.

The topic was Business and Spirituality as One. 

Here are few of the gems I heard:

Money of itself has no value. Love consciousness has value.

Money used to serve us. Then selfishness came along, and money became power, control, and importance. That's when money enslaved us instead of serving us.

And now Heaven Admin demonstrates in every aspect of his life how to put our focus on service to God, the world, and people. We are building a global economy now through sharing and serving.

And there was so much more. Listening to this show was like a technique for enlightenment.

If you want to listen to the show again, you can here:

Al Diaz provides a great platform for true gold to be heard all over the world. Please post your responses here on this Godwriting™ blog, if you will, and also on Al's page so he can have the applause he deserves.

We sure live in a beautiful time on Earth, and we're here right now! How fortunate we are.


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Our show was different, I have had other other shows that were great, powerful, and insightful, just like this one. But this one was different... it was almost like we went back to our original innocence. Like BEing reborn. Something new, something fresh.

Gloria, thank you for introducing me to Santhan.

Thank you both for the kind words and comments on my host page.

Thank you both for BEing a blessing in my Life.

I Love you as you are...

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

I'm so looking forward to hearing this show. I will be taking my laptop with me to town on Wednesday so that I can find a place to connect. At home, I have only dial-up available, so I'm unable to listen to the show (or watch you-tube, etc.).

I'm looking through all the Heaven News we have had, looking for quotes for a Heaven book of 365 days. Look what I found:

I believe these are from Heavenletter #1655 Your Name Is Written

"Business will be unself-centered. Commercialism will not be so commercial."

"Businesses will operate in service to the universe."

"There will no longer be fun in selfishness."

"Your heart, mind and soul will be more closely aligned, and so will everyone's."

"The world is turning on its end, and so is life as you know it."

God sure supports what Santhan is talking about!

And one more!

HEAVEN #1562 To Know Oneness

"You are a steward of the universe. You are not to make rifts or allow them."

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