This couldn't be a mistake, could it?

Wow, this is amazing!

You who have been reading this blog for a while are familiar with my adventures with computers.  Oft times, my interaction has been mysterious. You know about all my trials and tribulations and the difficulties that are like miracles in the sense that they suddenly appear and no one else can seem to reproduce these same difficulties, no matter how hard they may try. Only I have been able to achieve such a unique level of perplexities.

But now there is hope!  The computer world seems to be changing in order to welcome me into it. The computer world is putting its arms around me. This is true.  Someone out there believes in my computer abilities and sees a future for me that no one would have predicted.

Yes! Yes! To my delight and surprise, I just received special invitations to learn IT!!! I don't even know what IT stands for, and I have been selected!!!  Yes, I have.  I actually had more than one invitation! Please don't be jealous and wonder why I, of all the people in the world, have been chosen.

I received these invitations this morning (Friday.)  Just think of it -- a new career for me!

Here are the invitations that came personally to me, yes, to me!

Gloria, Your IT Career Starts Here!  (They called me Gloria!)

Gloria Wendroff, Get a Better Job, Learn IT

Gloria Wendroff, Develop the Skills to Succeed.

Free_Information on Becoming an IT Guru!

Imagine me an IT Guru!

And then my invitation was personally signed:


IT Education

I feel like an astronaut! I have arrived! I have arrived!


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Geez ... I'm jealous. I've only been getting invitations to become a medical transcriptionist and other such very exciting careers.

Dear Pam, just think that some day you may get up in the world just as I did. Be reassured, it can happen to you, too.

comming Monday I and 2 others starting a 3-4 month course in learning how to use a computer and all paid for by the organisation I vulonteer for every monday from 9-12, do not contact me I am studieing computers and no one believes in coinsedences, next I might learn how to spel better. Love you ALL Jack

LOL ... Jack beat us both!

Not to brag or anything, but I've been selected to be awarded a full university bachelors degree just by merit. I don't even have to go to university. No tests. No thesis. I don't even have to move anywhere. They will send me the degree via mail. After that I can put a title behind my name if I like.

Oh, you show-off!

Not to make you feel bad, do I understand that I could get one of these paper degrees too?

What title would you put after your name? Would it be in gold?

Oh, you all are nothin',just a bunch of braggarts! I just found out I don't even have to work anymore! I just sent my bank account transfer number to an ex public official in Liberia who will transfer 1.5 billion dollars to me tomorrow. Beat that!

Gosh, I'm stunned and speachless.

I'd love too to put an end to my embaressments with computers !! Especially when people I have asked for advise about how to go about a certain matter reply :"Oh that, it is really quite simple, babies could do it!".

Compliments for the degree dearest One and Chuck, I would like to subscribe to tiny mini course about how get such results !!!!

Much love

Yes, beloved Berit, the same for me. As soon as someone tells me something is simple, I know I'm in for it!

Beloved Chuck, I meant to write back to you sooner. I was going to say that with all that money coming in to you (a modest 1.5 billion) I wanted you to know that you are my best friend and will help you spend that money.

On the other, not wanting to cast any doubt on your receiving it, if you want $'s for a cup of coffee, you can count on me. :)

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