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I try and try to love everyone no matter what. I'm good at trying, but trying to love isn't the same as loving. This is kind of an essay in which I'm trying to understand what love really is. It may be boring -- all this thinking -- and you don't have to read it.

I suspect that the Great Ones God speaks of did not try to be all-loving. They didn't look at themselves one day and say: "And, now, no matter what, I am going to love everyone, the beggars, the lepers etc."

They were at that place where they saw God's light everywhere in everyone. In that sense, they didn't deserve a medal. They were who they were. Just the way their eyes were blue or brown, they loved. They didn't just love this one and not that one. They just loved. They were the love they shone. Their love wasn't effort. Their love was authentic.

They were simple instruments of God. They served God. Serving God was their focus.  Their focus wasn't on being all-loving. And so in serving God, their individual distinctions and preferences fell by the wayside, and they emerged as the Great Ones they were and whom we ourselves are now able to love without trying to.

We might say, even in this, that they deserve our love. By their very being, they deserve it. And, yet,  when we think someone is deserving of our love, we are also signifying that someone else is not deserving of our love. And, yet, what is it exactly that we are loving when we love the Great Ones? Is it that their names now that carry the high vibration of the very Beingness they lived?

I can assume that I did not know Buddha or Mohammed or Christ anymore than I knew Napoleon, and yet I feel love for Buddha and Mohammed and Christ, and I don't feel love for Napoleon. I ask again, is it the name itself that vibrates great love or, in the case of Napoleon, the name that does not?

That seems to bring me to more questions.  Is love the same as appreciation? Appreciation must be a component of love, and yet appreciation isn't the whole of love.

Is gratitude the same as love? That's closer. I have a feeling that God in Heavenletters may have said that gratitude is love, or maybe He said we don't have love without gratitude -- I just found the Heavenletter. It's coming out in a week or so.  It's called You Are Part of the Grand Design.

Love itself carries a great component of gratitude. Perhaps love is gratitude, gratitude lighted up, gratitude on all four burners.

Can there be love without gratitude? In any case, with love and gratitude, there is a realization of value. Oh, beloveds, the value of valuing. It is invaluable.

I understand that God is love. God is All That Is, so when I feel love for a Great One, is it God I am loving?

And, of course, I have read that all love is of the Self.

And is there a difference between feeling love and actually loving?

I am coming to the conclusion love is as undefinable as God is, and yet I feel I know God more than I know love.

This is not the blog entry I thought I was going to write. And now I think I'd better stop.


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Delightful, dearest Señora! Yes, I guess we could all add a few yards of this. I could.

Two things come to mind (quoting from memory):
1. "Loving is not something you do."
2. "You don't even have love of your own to give."
Oh, and a third one:
3. "There is nothing but love."

So, love is. But love can be avoided or forgotten for obvious reasons. When it is, it tends to be (unconsciously) perceived as more or less threatening. When it is, it tends to get (unwittingly) stemmed. When it is, you don't know how to stop stemming without drowning. It may not feel exactly like this. It didn't for me. But this, I have to admit, is how it is for me. And I'm so angry about this trap.

You say, "I feel I know God more than I know love." Why do you think that God is not the same as love?

I suppose love is a state of being coming from knowingness. For the moment I accept that I am not yet in that state, the ocean cannot be contained in an pot. But God always recommends us not to go into details and to keep the great vision, as seeing from a mountain top. From that height I can say to be completely in love with the Idea of the Human Being, I can easily catch the marvel He is in his full potential while trying not to get so involved with individuals who, of course, are to me more or less aimable and sometime even detestable, I must confess.

Your responses are so engaging -- really wonderful.

Jochen, I imagine we could add miles and miles to this and dimensions of all kinds.

Emilia, I'm with you too. I would love to keep the great vision. I forget who, but someone famous -- it sounds like Mark Twain -- wrote something like this: "I love humanity. It's only that people get in the way of my love."

Joyce, it's easy for me to love God. So easy. I would love to keep that feeling with me always. Who wouldn't? You can't get me off the hook that easily, dear friend.

Gloria, I was not trying to get you off the hook easily. I was suggesting that if you know God, you know what true love is. And if you think that the whole human mess of sentimentality is love, perhaps you are mistaken.

Dear Joyce, your response was brilliant. In few words you told the whole story.That's what Gloria intended by "easily". Just Love God and you will love All That Is. Your words, Gloria, Joyce and Jochen, opened a portal for me this afternoon: love God with all your being, burn with the fire of wishing to know the Supreme Lover and the rest are just details.

God's attitude toward toward loving another keeps me humble. He/She loves Napoleon as much as He/She loves Jesus!! I was taught by God a long time ago that we love others because of who we are, not who they are.

This is a HL Quote:
Beloveds, I can only love with all the love I have. I do not discriminate. Not at all. How could I? ...
I love. I love this one, and I love that one. I love you.
I have no choice in the matter, you understand. But even if I did have choice, why would I choose to leave even one child loved less than all the love I am capable of? That’s the difficulty with the relative world. The world thinks of more, and it thinks of less. It sorts people right and left by all kinds of arbitrary standards – great silliness it seems to Me. Of course, it seems nonsense to Me.
You might say in defense of your position: “But God, what about murderers? Why would you love them as much as you love a saint?”
And I would say, with a smile of course, does a murderer need less of My love than a saint? I might also say that a saint recognized My love more than a murderer ever did, so, if I could love more, I would then love the murderer more. But as it is, I love equally.

If you think you are better than another, if you think you are more worthy than another, if you think you deserve more and that another deserves less, you also lack understanding. Gain understanding more than retribution. This makes you wise.
Heavenletter # 2352
Offer Your Heart

I don't think it's about us trying to love everyone through our little selves. That is impossible, because it would be only 'human love', which is always conditional. It's about purifying our beings so that we can be a hollow reed through which God's Love can flow to everyone.
I don't know why I get these words by Jesus in my head in this moment: 'Why do you call me good? Only One is good!'
Maybe they apply to love as well. I am not the one who loves, it's the One who loves through me.

Dear Ones, I believe I understand what God says. I think you have all made wise comments. Yet I am left where I began.

When I taught school, I believe I loved the children. Not sentimental love, but it was like I believed in them. They were my children. The fact that someone was acting up and I had to handle it didn't seem to interfere with my general sense of well-being. Sometimes I had to act angry and be dramatic about it. Anger was a role I played. With a very few exceptions, I wasn't angry inside, and may have even delighted in the kid's spunk.

I would like to have with adults what I had with children when I was a teacher.

In the Bible it explains it as agape love ... the dispassionate love that loves all equally, without judgment. The love that is as constant as the seasons, the wind, gravity.

Love the responses to this blog. So very insightful.

Oh, the prison of words just beginning to touch the shore of the Ocean!

"I am left where I began."

And no wonder you are. You began by announcing that this blog entry was going to be "kind of an essay in which I’m trying to understand what love really is." Now it turns out you want to know, "How can I love everyone when I clearly don't?" You are wonderful wonderful wonderful. And since you are so wonderful, here's a comprehensive and final answer in two parts. The first part is short: "Love yourself." The second part, a little longer but equally straightforward, says "Work on it for eighty years."

Gloria, I believe that the way you felt with the children was because of the stance which you took with them. You were unsentimental; you were as Paula says, "a hollow reed through which God’s Love can flow." Our challenge is to take that stance with everyone. The feelings follow from the stance, not vice-versa.

Oh, Jochen ... how perfect that is. Gloria, what Joyce says about your teaching IS agape love. Combine what Jochen and Joyce say and the puzzle pieces start coming together, don't they? Love ourselves, work on that for the next 80 years, look at the people, times and circumstances in which we found it easy to exhibit that kind of love, then work on taking that stance with everyone. Hmmmm ... will 80 years be enough?

Dearest Gloria,
maybe it's not sheer chance that because of the different numbering of the Letters, today by mistake I posted on the Italian forum a Heavenletter that I already posted time ago. It's HEAVEN #1714 The Love That You Are. And it's a perfect answer to the question: What is Love?

Try this, think of love...but without words.

Could be that we love people who really see who we are. Their seeing is not an effort or anything. They just silently see.

Really what we're interested in is not love, but the source of love.

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