Three in a Bed

 xena on the couch

Last night Xena jumped on Lauren's bed and slept with her and Teeny Weeny, the cat. Lauren was in the middle, and Xena was on one side, and Teeny on the other.

Xena, who is variously called Xena, Xena Beana, Xener McBeaner etc. jumped up on Lauren's bed! This is a huge accomplishment for Xena. What courage this must have taken her.  She must have finally felt safe enough to dare to lie down with a human being.

We are celebrating!

Increasingly, I have noticed that Xena has been lifting her head out from the couch cushions, the better to see Lauren. Xena's eyes are following Lauren, keeping tabs on her as it were.

Xena still lives in fear, of sounds, of people, of shadows, of anything at all. She feels safest when she cannot be seen.

Isn't she a brave girl, though, to come out from hiding under the cushions of the couch?

What wonderful accomplishment will come next, we wonder.

xena looking happier





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Xena looks much more like she has Rottweiler blood than Pit Bull. She does seem to have a concrete block for a head which could come from either. From my own aesthetics, I would say that pink is not her color tho I appreciate the intent. Maybe when she moves out of the couch she could try a brown or green collar. My two big scary doggies have brown leather collars with brass hearts all around, usually much admired if people get close enough to notice.

Terrific news about her joining the pajama party and a special award to Teeny Weeny for not spoiling it. By the way, Gloria, I've been meaning to mention that a cat purring makes bones mend much faster. Maybe you could borrow Teeny Weeny or stop by for a treatment.

Xena slept in the bed again last night, and this morning, something scared her, and she came to me and wanted to be petted. More great progress.

I'm so happy about the progresses Xena is doing !!! thanks for the most beautiful and sweet photos, she is soooooooooooo beautiful, so sweet.
A tender kiss to Xena !!!

Me too! This is amazing progress, but not surprising given Lauren's incredible ability to heal the souls of abused animals. (And I must disagree with Charles, I think the pink is lovely on her).

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