Tiny earthbag homes


Isn't this photo like a beautiful Christmas card!

“Constructing an earthbag home is considered by many to be the most inexpensive method of building a home simply because the material is free and usually already onsite. The major cost associated with earthbag homes are the bags used to hold the earth which make up the structure. The most common type of bags used are solid-weave polypropylene. These bags typically hold rice and grain during shipment and can be reused for building an earthbag home. You can of course buy the bags new as well."

You may remember Owen Geiger who offered to help us design a spiritual sustainable community.  It will be magical!



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This is a fairy tale home ! wonderful. I did look up the link dear, we have so many choices to change our way of live, haven't we. these here are fantastic, I love it ! much much love.Berit

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