Two new Heavenletters this morning

God sent us two new Heavenletters this morning.  I wrote down the first one as I do every morning. For a minute or so, I thought I was done. And then a second Heavenletter announced itself and pushed its way in. And very welcome, it was, too.

These two Heavenletters wrote themselves very fast. And I was, if you will forgive the expression, in bliss.

Taking down dictation from God doesn't always feel the same. Some mornings Godwriting feels much more routine. I don't know what makes the difference, yet I know that what I happen to be feeling as I write down God's words is irrelevant. The Heavenletter that is most exciting to me as it's coming in may not be the most exciting or popular Heavenletter. A Heavenletter that might have seemed a little ho-hum in the writing may turn out to be one beloved by all -- I base this on your comments from the forum.

I don't know how or if this factors in, but it so happens that I had no idea what these two Heavenletters were saying.

On the recent radio show with Barbara Dixon, Barbara said it must be that I have a lot of trust to be able to Godwrite. I told her no, that it doesn't take trust to Godwrite. It really doesn't. You can be the biggest doubter in the world, and still you find yourself Godwriting.  I would even go so far as to say that it's better not to be sure, for then you can be surprised. Surprise is good.

Now, if Barbara asked me today, I might say, "Barbara, you're right. It must take trust to write down what may be unintelligble."

But now, as I am writing this blog entry, I'm not so sure again. Does it take trust to Godwrite?  Is it trust, or is it guts!!! Is it nerve? Is it moxie? Is it, perhaps, nothing more than starting something and then being determined to finish it!

Well, as the first Heavenletter was coming to the best part, Teeny, my daughter's cat, decided he wanted to come in. He was scratching at my screen door, and he was caterwauling that he wanted to come in that moment.  Teeny does not take no for an answer. He climbed the screen. He went to the window and climbed the screen, and he incessantly meowed his displeasure louder and louder and without cease.

Perhaps you imagine I am a calm patient sort of person who never gets rattled. Perhaps you imagine that here I am receiving divine words from God, and here is one of God's creatures at the door. God tells us to love.

Perhaps you imagine that a Godwriter would nimbly get up and let Teeny in. Perhaps then, when Teeny started in on wanting to be fed that very minute, perhaps you imagine a Godwriter would serenely feed him and coo sweet words.

That's certainly how a Godwriter ought to be. Absolutely, that's how a Godwriter should be. A Godwriter would never be cross or grumpy or at her wit's end. No Godwriter would ever be less than perfect. No Godwriter would ever say or think: "Drat that cat."

The only thing I will confess is that now Teeny wants to go out.


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This one is hilarious! While you were receiving Heavenletters and Teeny was interrupting, I was having the following experience -

Gloria, as I was re-reading a few of the blogs, I noticed a link to someone's site.

Long story short, I felt drawn to download his ebook. I was becoming frustrated as it would not let me print the "book" in one fell swoop. No, I had to print each chapter, one by one.
I have 2 cats. Bean and Sprout. They both love to visit with me while I am on the computer. While I was in my frustrated state, Sprout (who seldom does this) decided to jump up and watch the screen. Then play with the paper as it was shooting out of the printer, all the while totally blocking my view of what was happening on the screen. I was not serene at the time...Each time I encouraged her to leave, she came back with more persistence.
I think God just enjoys providing comic relief at times.
Perhaps God was telling me to love, regardless of the "perceived" chaos my furry angel was participating in.
Then, I attepted to view a link that Richard had provided. The internet was telling me there was a URL error. I replied to his site, letting him know I was having difficulites. He replied, immediately. And very simply said,"Try again later, Lynda. It will work then."
I had an ah ha. My take on his words - when you are in a state of being frazzled, put your fingers to rest and take a deep breath. And "try again later." (while in the calmness).
I'm sure Teeny was let out. In time.

In love & light,

Just to clarify, of course, I let Teeny in. He knows he wants to come in, and, by golly, he will break the house down until he is let in.

Going out is a different story. Teeny will appear to want to go out. He will even stick his head out and then turn around. He changes his mind. In a few minutes he will meow and meow to go out, and change his mind again. It takes four or five times before he actually deigns to go out. It must be he's practicing.

I do like the advice you got. Try again later. Those are magic words.

Thank you, dear Lynda!

Aren’t God’s creatures wonderful? They are a bunch of His love all rolled up and covered with a soft coat of fur!

Gloria, I’m not sure if it takes trust or courage to Godwrite, but I am pretty sure it takes a whole lot of courage to put what you are receiving out on the internet for all to see and comment on. Or at least it would take a lot of courage for me, as I would imagine myself taking this step, since I still worry a lot about what others think of my actions. However you find the experience to be for you, Gloria, I will be forever grateful for your efforts in making such inspired words available to us. With love and admiration……Chuck

You are so blessed Gloria, having two HL in a row, and no wonder you were also in bliss at that very moment.

As to my heart, the way we are surrendering to God and also the way we are letting God’s Love work on our heart, soul and whole self, His way, would uplift us more and more while Godwriting as well as while doing something else in our daily life.

with love & joy,

Beloved Tri Gunanto, we have known each other over the internet for many years. How long has it been, dear one?
When we first met on the internet through Heavenletters, do I remember correctly that those were the days when I could answer every email? Back then, I used to do Heaven News by hand and included many of the comments from Heavenreaders into Heaven News. Now we have this forum.

You make an interesting point. I believe there is a Heavenletter called Godwriting, Godliving. I don't remember exactly what it said, but I have the feeling that God and you were saying about the same thing!

Beloved Chuck, I was so timid at the beginning and had my feelings hurt about friends' reactions to Heavenletters that it was a year before I could go public. By then, I didn't care. The whole concept of privacy and secret had vanished.

When I say I didn't care, I don't mean to say that I am indifferent to what other people say or think or that I never have hurt feelings anymore. It's just that what others say or think doesn't have the importance to me it once had. God has the importance.

I really think that from the first minute I did send Heavenletters out, it took no courage at all.

I will say that sometimes it takes courage to post what I write on this blog!

It’s just that what others say or think doesn’t have the importance to me it once had. God has the importance.

This I understand!

One Love

"Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"

From: "The Rum Tum Tugger"

The Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore:
When you let him in, then he wants to be out;
He's always on the wrong side of the door,
And as soon as he's at home, then he'd like to get about.
He likes to lie in the bureau drawer,
But he makes such a fuss if he can't get out.
Yes, the Rum Tum Tugger is a Curious Cat –
 And it isn't any use for you to doubt it:
  For he will do
  As he do do
   And there's no doing anything about it!

T.S. Eliot

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