What God said

In an earlier blog, Pitta from Italy wrote that she would always remember what God said at the Godwriting™ Workshop in Turin, Italy. Pitta was referring to the Godwriting™ that came to me when we were all Godwriting™ at the workshop in September of 2009.

That was a wonderful statement for Pitta to make, and I appreciated it so much. I had forgotten what God said, and I wasn't sure I had that Godwriting™ anywhere where I could ever find it.  At workshops, I have been writing in a notebook, and, sad to say, I couldn't even be sure that I had typed it up.

However, I was looking for something else last night, and I FOUND IT. I found what God had whispered at the workshop in Turin, Italy in September 2009.

God said:

One of Me is meeting here today. “I am here.” That is all it is. I met with Myself and how grateful I am for this meeting of Myself. You were all made in My image. What is an image but a reflection of Me, and you, this group, express Me very well.

Was it the group’s seeking Me, or I seeking you. I cannot tell you apart. There was one of Me in a prism.  My light, My light. Oh, My beloved light, O Light of Myself. This is what I like to do, to hear Myself speak. I like to speak, and I like to listen. I sing a song of Myself in a million different ways.

I pick up a feather, and it is I. I pick up a chair, and it is I. I pick up a thought, and it is Mine.

I am One, and everyone here is One with Me, and I with them. There is only I. How precious is this moment I spend with Myself.

I am like a rose, and you are the petals of My rose. How varied are My petals. How they turn to reveal Me.

All of you who came to this workshop may have thought you were coming for yourself. I will now tell you that you came at My request to secure the heart of the world. You are establishing My love in place. The love from your hearts is reverberating in other hearts. No one will know it is you, but they will know something happened. They may laugh or they may cry, but love will start blossoming out all over.

The new world is beginning with you.

And so we have met. I have met with Myself. And now I will meet again with Myself, and I will be known.


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I've got a big smile on my dial!

Beautiful! Save this one, for sure. It is as good as any Heavnletter ever written! How could anyone deny such an unworldly expression of love?

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