What God Hath Wrought

Today Heaven Admin will have the Heaven Sutras, the Calendar book, ready for the world to see! And that means us too! We're the first!

Bernie saw a month's worth of Heaven Sutras a while back, for the idea of the book was all Bernie's. Bernie he told us he felt a dramatic effect from reading the Heaven sutras we had sent to him.

Bernie gave us the idea, and Heaven Admin did all the manifesting work. You already know that Heaven Admin puts his whole heart and soul into everything he does.

I had the fun of choosing great quotations for the book. I was not alone in this. Heaven Admin sent me some of his prime choices. People who post on the forum and have been commenting on specific quotations -- well, I stole their choice quotations outright. A few people also emailed me their favorite quotations. This was all like being part of a beautiful dream. God must have dreamed this.

Each quotation is a treasure. I marvel over every single one. Of course, it was as if I were seeing the quotation for the first time!  And I was amazed each time at the wonder of the words that God gives to us so generously.

It does seem to me that God's work is all done after He whispers the daily Heavenletters™.  God has it easy! When He is finished -- and a Heavenletter takes Him only 20 to 30 minutes -- then all the follow-up and follow-through takes us hours and hours and weeks and weeks. We don't mind! The fact is that we cannot do enough for God.  We want to do more and more. God sure knows how to bring out the best in all of us.

At first we were going to call the Heaven Calendar Book, Hearts of Heaven. Then we thought of Heaven Sutras and liked it. It has a nice ring to it! Heaven Sutras, Heaven Sutras, Heaven Sutras...

My dear friend, Laura De Giorgio, told me the other day that the word sutra usually refers to technique or instruction. Well, God as we know Him,  makes a difference for us, but He doesn't give instruction as instruction is usually thought of.

If there is a technique in Heavenletters, it is love. And God doesn't really teach us how to love. There is no how. It's more like God picks us up and dips us in a world where only love is, and tells us firmly that we are love, and every time He dips us in, we miraculously come out a deeper shade of love.

What patience God has.

One day we'll really get it!  God, please keep dipping us in this love vat named Heavenletters.

By the way, Laura also told me that the actual word Sutra means thread, and our English word suture comes from the Sanskrit word, Sutra.

God, keep sewing those sutras around us and bringing us together with You and each other.

And now, after my long introduction, dear Blogreaders, here are a few samples from the Heaven Sutras. (And thank you for your patience too!)

"From the goldenness of My love come rubies and emeralds of love, and sapphires and garnets and opals of My love, come seashells and mother of pearl of My love, and sunlight on green leaves.”

“Consider the love that other people have for you as a ladle that stirs your own heart.”

"Love is the miracle. There is no miracle without it."

“What do you think love is? It isn't something to be stored. You know what happens to things you keep around too long.”

“There is One United God, and I am united with you who are My Very Self. We are enchanted in a love so deep that, although We have all of it, We desire more of it.”


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Oh my this is beautiful beyond words !!! you could make us taste some more, could you dear ?????

Big hugs

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It's incredibly beautiful!

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