What I Miss About Having 2 Good Arms

Until I had only one workable arm and hand, I didn't know how wonderful two arms are.

Here are some of the simple things I miss being able to do:

scrub things well like pots and pans -- if you can't hold the pot in place with one hand and scrub with the other, Brillo doesn't do much good. A lot of the difficulty with having only one usable arm is that you don't have another arm to hold something in place.

slice bread

butter toast

cut up vegetables

unscrew jar lids

open cans

wash my two hands together under the faucet

plump my pillow


wring out a face cloth

dry dishes

tie an apron

take pictures

If the good arm has an itch, you can't scratch it!


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Now if you could just get a picture of Lauren having come over to unscrew the top to a jar of mustard for you with, I am sure, a big smile on her face. Perhaps the camera has a self-portrait timer on it she could use, otherwise it would be very difficult to do. I'm sure she would like a copy of the picture herself.

I can think of one really cool thing about having the right arm go on vacation for a while. You become ambidextrous! Your left arm now gets to catch up with the right.

I think it does something for boosting creativity as well.

I am pretty good right now at moving the mouse around with my left hand!

Canim Gloria I wish I was there or you were here :))
then I could have sliced your bread,
buttered your toast,
cooked for you,
fed you, plumbed your pillows...

This is a permanent time off period and ofcourse easier said than done.

Your arm will be much stronger than ever, very soon...

to you and to Lauren

Oh how true, when we lose the use of something ,whether it be a bodily function or electricity in a power cut we really do realise what we had and took for granted. Luckily we usually get these things back ,how hard sometimes to remember to count our blessings when we have them. These things help remind us !Much love Nancy

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