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I do not seem to know how to make priorities. If I knew how to make priorities, I would be organized.

I love to take care of what comes in, like emails, right away.  I'm pretty good at that. But when it comes to my physical space, organization seems to go out the window.

I can tell myself that this or that is more important than something else, and that there really are things I must give up doing. I can tell myself this a hundred times, and yet it seems that I see everything as equally important. This doesn't help with making priorities.

There are things I let slide, however, and there are some things I am going to have to deliberately let go of, like adding on graphics to emails. How I love to do that!

Maybe the basis, in my case, is not so much about importance at all but rather about my doing what I like to do more than I like doing something else. Maybe there is no other real reason.

As a rationale for doing what I like to do more than something else, I ask myself  how do I really know what is important and what is not? A seemingly little unimportant thing could possibly make a difference in someone's life and could really be more important than something we might ordinarily think is more vitally important. Oh, the little things, yet who says they're little?

Meanwhile, there are physical items that are very important to me, and I don't know where I put them. I'll tell you what I mean.

This story begins with Nancy, who lives in England and has been posting on the forum and sometimes here. She has had to stop her medical practice because of an illness. Nancy has a balance of priorities in her life that I admire, and I just know that Nancy can always find what she's looking for.

I had asked Nancy to attach a photo so we could get a comment of hers onto the Reader Comment page of the web site. She didn't have a scanner and all and mailed me an 8 x 11 glossy photo from England. And what a beautiful photograph it is too. Nancy has one of those faces that you keep wanting to look at.

My daughter was going to scan Nancy's photo for me. The day my daughter asked for the photo,  I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere.  I came across old mail that should have been thrown out long ago, yet I couldn't find Nancy's photo. It must still be here, but where?

Certainly it would be better use of my time to make a system so I would know where to find things rather than hunting for them.  It would be a far more fulfilling use of time to add graphics to my emails than to hunt for something. Almost anything would be a better use of time.

I really really wanted to get Nancy's photograph up on the website. She is important to me, and yet I couldn't find her photo.  I was distraught.  Finally, I gave up and confessed to Nancy that I had lost her beautiful photo.

Nancy wrote back something like this:

Heavenletters are like life-saving angels to me, and please don't be distraught over the photo. It is sooooooooo unimportant.

How nicely and simply Nancy interacts with the world.

Just the same, today I'm going to make another search for the missing photo.

How are you doing with organization?


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Mieke, My beloved, does the organising. I do just what I like, enjoying Live and people If I lose something, Like your Photo, Well, I was not suposed to have it and cary on enjoying live Till Mieke tells me to find it and I will then look for it because doing what Miek asks is enjoyable. Now stop your Blab and give the Dog a walk. Yes Dear Love you all Jack
P.S. Santhan That calender is something awe-ful Thank you so Much Love Jack

Hmmm Jack, well thanks for that! In our world aweful means the same as awesome, right? :)

I think organisation is hampered by "too much". When I first moved into this house, it was Zen supreme. I slept on the floor (still do) had 3 plates, some cutlery, 2-3 pots and a few odds and ends. Not much furniture besides a set of chairs and table in the kitchen, which I bargained from the previous people who rented here. A year later, this house has accumulated quite a bit more stuff, mainly things that folk did not want, and what I did not want to see thrown into the dumpster. The house is 50% less Zen.

My observation is; when there is more stuff, more effort at organisation is required. I've got this vision of a big house cleanup and going back to Zen simplicity. Any day now...

I hear you ... and what's worse is the accumulation of other people's stuff in our garage and basement. Sheesh. I accumulate enough junk and make enough of a mess all by myself.

Dearest Gloria, I dont know where you have the idea that I can always find what I am looking for! I have an office at home with a filng system of one big pile ready to sort out when I "have more time" ha ha so when does that ever happen?! Yes it is true losing a picture is very unimportant in the grand scheme of things , as we all know it is people , their interaction and love that counts and not things and you just pour out love to us all .Much love Nancy

Beloved Nancy, I have the idea that you have a balanced perspective in life. You know what the priorities in life are. You even have a great attitude about your filing system!

As for physical order, the less we have the easier it is. I dream of dusting without having to move a dozen things before I can dust!

Actually, I have removed what I believe is literally tons of furniture and other stuff, yet I have many many piles of more stuff to go through, especially in my office. It's making the decisions that seems to hold me back -- how do I decide what to keep and what to part with, like all those paper clips, crayons, papers etc. I also don't get down to it, instead doing everything else that is easier for me to do!

Really, every day I say, today I'm going to tackle the piles, and every day I don't.

Senor One, I saw how nice and neat your desk is with the Heaven Sutra calendar on it. Your office looks very zen!

I think the answer is when it becomes important we do it, the fact that we don't must mean it's not important at the moment. who knows?

Dear Santhan, My appologies, But Yes. Awe-some is what I meant. You are a Saint the way you pointed that out. Yes Awe-some, Fantastic and a lot more. Thank you for your work and dedication. Love, Light and have more Fun. Jack

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