What's cooking? At Uncle Arnand's 2

How could I lose a blog entry twice?!!! This is the one I lost, not once but twice. Twice I wrote it, posted photos and all, and twice it disappeared! What is going on!???

But the third time is a charm, isn't it? It is, isn't it?


I told you before that I would post appetite-increasing photos of Prema's authentic Indian cooking. Oh, it is so good.  Without measuring, Prema mixes spices and the colors blend and the aromas of her cooking stir your soul. Something wonderful goes on. I think it's her love. She makes chutneys, curries, the most delicious in the world. I know I have been privileged to taste her cooking. Prema is Heaven Admin's grandmother, in case you forgot.

Are you ready to see what I have been eating and enjoying tremendously? I wish I could send you a taste. At least your eyes will have a feast:





Of course, Prema isn't the only cook in the family! You already know about Heaven Admin's (Santhan's) creative culinary skills.


And, now, let me introduce you to Uncle Arnand's love of cooking:


What Uncle Arnand did was boil fresh crayfish from the sea. He took out the meat from the shells.

Then, at Arnand's request, Santhan made the most delicious mushroom sauce that man has ever tasted. Arnand integrated the crayfish meat with the sauce and stuffed the crayfish shells with the mixture.

This is what the entree looked like before it went into the oven. The diagonal strips you see are cheese.


This is the dish as it looked when it came out of the oven piping hot:


This is what it looked like served on a plate along with Santhan's amazing whole wheat pasta with a sauce he made from scratch that is better than any sauce  ever tasted before:


Now, I have to tell you that I had no appetite whatsoever when this meal was served.   However, after one taste, I was ravenous for more. When I was finished,  nothing but the crayfish shells were left, and I had cleaned them out. Never in my life had I ever tasted anything so gourmet, something that someone probably only tastes once in a lifetime. This dish was so good I have to call it decadent. It is a food to die for.  Now I can say that I have lived. I have tasted Arnand's cooking.


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