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The mover picked up my beautiful red couch and two black chairs and coffee table, and a few things of Lauren's -- one big box of winter clothes, her desk, her TV. By the time this blog appears, I expect Lauren will have furniture in her Chicago studio apartment.  She is eager to have furniture for its bare usefulness as furniture.

As for me, it's not the utility of my furniture I'm missing. I miss the contemporary style. I miss the brightness. I miss the shapes. I miss the overall effect in the room.

Surprisingly, my living room looks smaller without furniture.

The movers kindly moved in Lauren's chaise lounge into my living room for me. It is great to recline on, but it's beige.  It's beige. I can't have beige. Maybe someone will help me move it back into Lauren's apartment. The balance balls will give much more the effect I want. Maybe even a science-fiction effect!

I have a big blue balance ball, a smaller silver one, and I think Lauren will give me her teal one. My living-room will feel more like me then, I think. It will be bright and bouncy. I like the round shapes. Balance balls will really make my living-room look contemporary again, don't you think? Hmm.

If I want to recline when Lauren's chaise lounge goes back to her Fairfield apartment, I can recline on the floor on a bright exercise mat with a pillow under my head. It sounds good to me.

Note: I haven't been taking photos because my camera has something wrong with it.


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Oh Gloria Thank you. You Said You like Round shapes so you must like Me I am flattered Love Jack

Maybe you could put bright-colored pillows or a throw blanket on the chaise?

Joyce,that is so sweet of you to suggest a way! I don't think anything can rescue it for me. I have two purple pillows, two red round ones, an orange one etc. I don't even have the heart to try them. I think, regardless, the chaise says traditional, overstuffed, and I don't think anything can make it sleek or sharp. The traditional style overwhelms. In a traditional room, the chaise would be lovely. I am so into contemporary.

I've changed so much since you were here, and I had that 30's or 40's retro overstuffed furniture. I'm not like that at all anymore, but that was better, for at least, it was unusual.

Of course, whatever I do with my living-room, it's only for another month or so.

Love ya, Gloria

Ha Ha, thats so funny Jack!

Is it warm in Fairfield now?

One, this has been a very temperate summer. Mostly haven't need fans. But the past few days were swelteringly hot. But last night we had a huge thunderstorm, and it has cooled down considerably.

It is so hard to believe that while it is summer here, it is winter in South America! How can that be!

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