Where do such good people come from

I am always surprised when beautiful generous people walk into my life. The truth is I should be surprised when unbeautiful ungenerous people walk into my life because there have always been incredibly generous people in my life. I also have had the opposite, but that is the past. Now I am meeting goodness right and left.

What happened recently isn't anything that anyone could imagine. I couldn't have imagined it.

I told you about the two friends who have come back into my life. They both happen to be chiropractors with profound specialties.

They are both dedicated to what they are doing and really care about their patients. In addition, it's their pleasure to help each other. Deborah raves about Nancy. Nancy raves about Deborah. No competitiveness there.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that neither Deborah nor Nancy takes insurance.

Deborah had immediately offered to trade her services for my helping her with her writing. I think she was looking for a way for me to feel good more than she needed my services.

Nancy, who is a longtime Heavenreader, had wanted to treat me -- listen to this -- for the joy of it. I protested.

Meanwhile, Deborah and Nancy called me yesterday, and here's what they arranged:

Deborah will drive me two hours to the Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa, where I can have the C1 x-rays Nancy wants. Why? Because the college takes insurance.

Did you ever hear of one health professional offering to driving a client 120 miles each way to help out the client and another health professional? I never did.

Talk about going the extra mile!


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