Why you've heard so little from me

Beloved Heavenfriends,

Just to be sure you know that it has been rare indeed that I have a hook-up for electricity let alone the internet on this European Godwriting™ tour. Senor Heaven Admin has done everything in his power to see that I do. We simply haven't found cyber cafes, not in Paris, not in London, not in Turin, Italy. Now tonight (Tuesday, September 29), we are staying in a beautiful motor home park that does have wi-fi, only it simply isn't working on my computer. What can I say except I am grateful to at least have electricity so I can write off-line.

The last time I had about five minutes of connection to the internet, I saw that Chuck asked about workshops. We had a small wonderful workshop in Welling, Kent, England, and I will have some gorgeous new Godwriter Godwriting and more to share with you. If I had had use of computer even without internet, you would already have read a blog entry about the workshop in England. I love to write when everything is fresh in my mind, but, alas, wasn't able to write at the time about the England workshop Chris Macklen so graciously sponsored, and I don't want to fall behind with what is current now so I write about what is going on now and will catch up later.

Heaven Admin has lots of photos and videos of the first workshop. When I have a bank of time, I will get a blog up about it.  But there was Italy's workshop, and I did have electricity and was able to write about that right away and more to say and sample Godwriting and evaluations as well.

Right now, this entry and the Torino workshop will go up together as soon as I can get connected to internet.

I want to respond to all your comments on this blog and the forum, and now you know why I haven’t been able to. It is a kind of torture for me not to be able to respond. It's like being gagged.

Tomorrow, very early, like four a.m., we return the motor home back to Wild Horizons near London, leave for the airport, and set sail for Turkey, a land I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to visit.

I like to think that it's destiny -  I wonder if that is an ego thought – destiny. And, of course, it is also my free will. I will have the joy to see Sule once again at the Sufi House, Engin, Heaven's supreme Turkish translator, and Lale and Jale http://www.sifacemberi.com who are sponsoring the workshop, and I will also meet our brand-new Farsi translator from Iran who will be coming to the workshop in Turkey. Happy days are here, don't you think?


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So I have about 24 hours to perfect teleportation then :-) because it sounds like the place to be

Do Not worry my dear Cloria about not being able to connect to the Net. Enjoy your workshops and get more GOD writers We can wait exercise our Patience and wait till all is back to normal ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY love light and have fun Jack

Hello my dear, and hello dear Admin! I'm always with you!
A lot of love for your tour


I agree with Jack. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. That is the first priority. I retract my request for more info until you have more time! Don't sweat the details, they will fall into place and we can wait. Love...Chuck

It is a time to enjoy, and like Jack said, it is a good practice for our patience. It's sort of like Christmas, anticipating all sorts of good things to come.

Hello everyone... we finally finished. New Godwriters are introduced to the world... :). I'll definitely write more about Workshop in Turkey... for now I have a message to Santhan.. I could read Love from your eyes. Thank you. :) Thank you Glroia and thank you Lale, Jale Kemal, Arzuhan, Esra and Banu. Thank You.

Dearest Oldooz, so glad to see your post ! it is wonderful that new Godwriters will spread more and more of God's love and message ! I am so happy about the love you read in Santhan's eyes, I got lost in his eyes and I saw God and a Godwriting came out of that. Gloria is ever sooooooo sweet and gentle, so gentle and loving!! How happy I am that you met Gloria and Santhan and that wonderful souls came to the workshop to share their hearts and love for God.
Eager to hear more from dear ! much love from Italy and big hugs !

Beloved Oldooz, it is for us to thank you. You drove for two days to come to the workshop. Such love, Oldooz. You blessed us. All the participants blessed us.

And this is just the beginning!

I agree with you Berit... Gloria is so sweet and gentle.. I love to sit down and listen to her talking for hours and hours... thank you so very much dear Gloria. I'm blessed...

P.S. I forgot to thank Engine from Turkey. Thank you dear one. :)

Lots of love to All. :)

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