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There is a lovely young woman, who has a serious difficult situation with her son. I'll call the mother Carol (that is not her name) and I'll call her 11 or 12 year old son, Harold (also not his name.) Carol has given me permission to use some of her words here. But, first, let me tell a little of her story.

Carol's son who is very bright frequently gets downright violent, hitting his mother and causing great havoc in the home. On more than one occasion, as a last resort, the parents have had to call the police for help.

The son was once diagnosed as autistic, but, apparently now, the doctors don't think so.

The boy has made serious threats at school and recently was permanently expelled.

This young woman was once a happy bride. She was happily pregnant, looking forward to being a mother. She didn't know her life would be like this. Her husband suffers. The boy suffers.  She suffers, and she also does everything she knows to protect her little daughter from the tension that exists in their home.

This beautiful young mother has asked God many questions relevant to the son. And, of course, as we would wish as well, she wanted a miracle to happen for her son such as the miracle the lady in Italy had with her son. http://www.godwriting.org/godwriting/a-personal-miracle-from-italy-depre...

Carol, in her desperation,  couldn't let go of this idea of God's giving her a miracle. She was insistent that God do something for her. She may have felt that, if God cared, He would come in and take care of everything.

In His responses to this young mother's personal questions, God indicated that the responsibility lay with her, the mother. Carol, a fighter, stood up to God and couldn't seem to veer from what she thought God should do. God got tough with Carol. He pulled no punches.  Carol can be feisty. God told her she was being arrogant, would not listen to Him etc., even indicated that she might have to consider giving up custody of her son. God did not give her the solace she so sorely needed, or so she thought.  And Carol was stubborn and couldn't budge.

I want to insert myself here for a moment. I have to wonder, if I were in Carol's shoes, would I be half so valiant as she is? I know that I admire her for her strength and forthrightness.

And now here's what happened next.

After a while, Carol started to see a blessing in disguise. The school district that had expelled Harold was going to send him to a special school for bright children with behavior difficulties. He would have counseling and much personal attention. Carol was hopeful that this school might possibly be an answer to a prayer.  And Carol was beginning to feel that perhaps God had not abandoned her.

Then I saw a miracle. It certainly was a transformation of great magnitude. Carol surrendered. She surrendered. She surrendered. The miracle I saw was in Carol and what she wrote to God:

Dear God,

Thank You :)  I hope I'm beginning to understand things a little better. I wrote down a list of things that I got from our past conversations, and will keep it close in my thoughts and heart.

This is my responsibility

There is no easy fix

This will take work

Persevering is needed, do not give up

Be open to all ideas and help

Do not be arrogant

Be humble

Accept help

My son is the teacher

Listen to him with all my heart

I am the learner

Have compassion for him

Understand that this is a lot harder for him than it is for me

Understand that his needs are not being met, and I need to find out what they are

I am here for him, and am trying to make his life easier

God will help, but I'm the one who has to change

Stop thinking how hard this is for me, and see it through my son's eyes

Do kind things for my husband, daughter, son and myself

and, last but not least....watch the Dog Whisperer :)

Love, Carol

God bless you, Carol, a thousand times over.

Blogreaders, tomorrow I will briefly touch on the Dog Whisperer.


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Beautiful blog Gloria, Let us all learn from it. I am not a god writer but I tell you what happened yesterday and this morning. I was walking little Samson at about 6 in the morning and Iloked at the sky and the beautiful patterns in the clouds and I said " My God You made that Beautiful;. Gods answer "Yes Jack I made that special for you,I know what you like." This morning reading H.L. after walking Samson, God al of a sudden says "Hey Jack, look at the sky this morning Did I not make a beautiful day for you" I stopped reading H.L. and went outside and admired Gods work and Yes the most beautiful Sky again. Thank you God!!!!! "Not a problem Jack" No wonder some people call me Happy Jack Love to all of you and Thank God daily For H.L. Jack

Thank you for sharing "Carol's" story. She is amazing and strong and wonderful for finding the silver lining. I pray for her continuing strength and surrender along her journey. Know that as she progresses along the way, others will be able to learn so much from her and her story. She is paving the way for others. Maybe she'll write a book someday! Whatever...she and her family are an inspiration of life's trials and tribulations and our ability to deal with and overcome them through God's Love and Grace. Thank you on behalf of the world for your courage and perseverance. Continuing blessings are being sent to you and your family. Keep the faith with love!

Very commendable of this Mother who reached out to God for her dear son. That was quite an epiphany, a remarkable breakthrough!
So often in life just as one door may be closing, another, often better one, is opening.
On a note of health, it can be helpful to consider the vital influences of healthy foods and a healthy environment. Children often show many improvements with added attention given to these areas.
Was neat that God gave a fun practical suggestion of the Dog Whisperer. Perhaps that will open a special door of support.
Sounds like some new possibilities for greater good are on the rise. May things go well, wishing for the very best!

The things I have learned from my son are among the most important lessons I have learned in this life. They were not easy -- not for me and especially not easy for him. Those lessons were definitely worth learning. They have changed my life and how I relate to all other human beings. Much love and blessings to "Carol" and "Harold," as well as prayers for their growing relationship. May you continue learning together in ever-increasing waves of joy.

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